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When they have grown up and your house is quiet...

You will have these portraits to look back on.

The days of snuggling your babies go by quickly. The milestones come and go a little faster than you think they will. They seem a little bigger each time you pick them up. 

It’s a mixed feeling to want your baby to grow but stay small at the same time. You know you should savour these moments because a year from now — ten years from now — you will miss them. 

Photography is one way to make time stand still. You can preserve these precious moments forever. Let your baby grow and let your heart be comforted knowing you have beautiful portraits to revisit any time.



“I was absolutely one of those people who, before having my baby, thought having a birth photographer in the delivery room would be strange and invasive. In retrospect, and especially after working with Jena for newborn baby photos, I am sad I didn’t have someone professional and thoughtful to help us remember his birth day.
My husband and I regularly reflect on everything we remember, but with all the chaos and exhaustion we know there is plenty we are missing. By the time our child is old enough to understand I know I will have forgotten most of the experience and I wish I had a better way to share with him how exciting his entrance into the world was for us. If I could do it again I would definitely take photography a lot more seriously.”


Birth Photography Golden BC


Birth photography is a documentary photo-series of your birth story so that you can relive the missed or forgotten details. Birth photography is artistic and professional and you are in control of what you want to have documented.

Baby photography


A photography plan for your baby that documents their most important milestones. In the end you will have a complete series of them growing through their first year of life. Available as single sessions as well (maternity / newborn).


Lifestyle family photography that is candid and casual. Your family portraits can be indoors or outdoors and are meant to document the things you want to remember about this year.

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