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You have some pretty big moments coming up

… let’s photograph them. Starting a family and making memories together is a big deal. You worked hard and went through a lot to get where you are today and I hope you are proud of that.

Let’s photograph your most important moments and one of your greatest accomplishments — your family. In ten years time, you will all look back on these photos as the beginning of your story together. 


When you're in the thick of family life, it can be hard to savour the moments. When the kids are grown up and moved out, future you will have these photographs to look back on.

Family photos are always laid-back and casual. We will photograph your favourite moments that are real and a true representation of who you are.


Speaking of being in the thick of it, your first year with your baby is full of so much change. They enter your world, you become a mother, they change almost daily, your own body changes ...

The Baby Photography Plan is a customizable photo plan that documents your baby's milestones anywhere from maternity to one-year-old.


Your birth story is going to happen how it happens. Whether you get to live out your birth plan or you completely deviate from it, your birth story is one of woman-power and strength.

Birth photography is artistic and professional. It's a documentary series of your experience photographed the way you want it to be.



I was absolutely one of those people who, before having my baby, thought having a photographer in the delivery room would be strange and invasive. In retrospect, and especially after working with Jena for baby photos, I am sad I didn’t have someone professional and thoughtful to help us remember the day. My husband and I regularly reflect on everything we remember, but with all the chaos and exhaustion we know there is plenty we are missing. By the time our child is old enough to understand I know I will have forgotten most of the experience and I wish I had a better way to share with him how exciting his entrance into the world was for us. If I could do it again I would definitely take photography a lot more seriously.

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