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Photography portrait sessions throughout your baby's first year of life

Your sweet little baby changes every day. It is incredible that they go from a tiny infant to a babbling one-year-old in such a short time. Ultimately, you already know that life moves quickly during that first year. The first year with a baby is full of change and it can be hard to savour each phase. You never know when the last time your baby does something will be or when they will suddenly move into the next phase. Often times, it seems like these changes happen overnight.

For this exact reason, I created Your Baby’s First Year photography packages. With Your Baby’s First Year, you will have each milestone perfectly documented to cherish forever. They can keep growing and you can have comfort knowing that you can revisit how small they used to be any time.

Available in GOLDEN BC + Surrounding Area


Photography sessions of each milestone for a perfectly preserved baby's first year.

With Your Baby’s First Year, you will have each milestone perfectly documented to cherish forever. Your baby can keep growing and you can have comfort knowing that you can revisit how small they used to be any time.

You can book single sessions or the entire first year



It is important to me to help my Client’s print their photos. They are meant to be held in your hands, shared with friends, and hung up on the walls. After we create your baby’s photographs, you can choose from the beautiful line of print products to display them. Each product is handmade and built to be passed down for generations. 

your baby's first year


Navy Mae

“There was no doubt in my mind or my husband’s that Jena was going to be our go to for photos. She was so patient during the whole process and was there for every step along the way. “


What are typical Your Baby's First Year portrait sessions?

Maternity - Birth - Fresh 48 - Newborn - 3-Months - 6-Months - 9-Months - One-Year-Old - Family

You can pick one of them or all of them.

What is included in the Session Fee?

The Session Fee reserves your dates with Jena Lee Photographs and covers your photography time, the enhancement of each image selected for your gallery, and all of our appointments together. The digital and printed images are sold separately.

Why are the digital and printed images sold separately?

I found that handing over a pile of digital images was doing a disservice to my clients and to your portraits. Instead, you get to choose from the beautiful line of print and display products and I do all of the design, printing, and installation for you. Think of it as one less thing on your never-ending to-do list and more time spent snuggling your baby.

Does printing my photos really make me happier?

Based on years of seeing my Client's faces light up and eyes fill with tears upon seeing their printed images for the first time, I say YES.

You will smile every time you walk into the room and see your favourite image on the wall. When your friends come over, you will proudly take out the album to flip through with them. Photographs are powerful and I truly believe they deserve to be printed and that they add happiness to your life.

How far in advance should I book?

As soon as you are thinking about it, get in touch for your no-obligation pre-consultation. Since I generally spend the whole year with my Client's, there is very limited space and sessions book up extremely quickly.

What is our first step together?

The first thing we will do is find a date/time for your no-obligation pre-consultation.

At this appointment, I will answer all of your questions, give you a custom quote for what you are interested in, and we will make sure we are a great fit for each other.

When/how will I see my images?

After we create your images, I will have your gallery ready within three weeks.

Our next step together at this point is to pick a date/time for your Viewing + Ordering Appointment. This is where you will see your images for the first time via a custom created slideshow. At this appointment, I will have samples of each print product for you to choose from. All you have to do is tell me which images you love and I take care of all the design, printing, and delivery for you.

What if I don't live in Golden?

Many of my Client's live outside of the area. We can do both your Pre-Consultation and your Viewing + Ordering Appointment via video call and all products will be shipped directly to your home (within Canada/US).

Often times, with enough notice, I can have your gallery ready to view within 24 hours if you would prefer to have your Viewing + Ordering Appointment in-person. Please let me know if you are interested in this so I can plan accordingly!

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