Your Baby’s First Year Of Life…

Is new, raw, and fleeting.

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Available Portrait Sessions

Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Golden BC

Your Baby’s First Year Photography Bundles

Select single portrait sessions or bundle together multiple throughout the year.

Common portrait sessions include: Maternity – Birth – Fresh 48 – Newborn – 3/6/9 Months – One Year Birthday

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Candid Family Portraits

Unposed portrait sessions for families with young or adult children, indoor or outdoor, any time of year.

Photograph of baby's birth via c-section

NEW: Birth Photography

Natural, C-section, hospital, in home. Birth is birth and everyone’s is worth documenting. On call from 38 weeks and includes a complimentary Fresh 48 session (portraits within the first 48 hours after birth).

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Printing & Displaying Your New Artwork

Why Print Your Photos?

The short: Printing is the only way to preserve your portraits… and printed photos bring you joy.

The long: I found that handing over a pile of digital images was actually doing a disservice to my clients. They did not know what to do with them or how to care for them … or technology failed them and their images were lost.
It is important to me that you have images to hold, albums to flip through, and wall art to look at every day. You’re going to smile every time you walk into the room and see your loved ones on the wall. You’re going to pull out the album to show off your portraits to everyone who comes over. Printed images are cherished and enjoyed so much more than looking at digital ones on a screen.

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“There was no doubt in my mind or my husband’s that Jena was going to be our go to for photos. She was so patient during the whole process and was there for every step along the way. “

“Jena did a spectacular job in not only presenting our photos, but also in editing and personalizing them. They truly are a masterpiece, each and every one.”

“Our session was full of laughs and it’s nice to have more natural photos taken oppose to awkward staged poses. We absolutely LOVE going through our printed Album and and having Wall Art in our home.”

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Get in touch:

Contact Jena Lee Photographs: / +1 (250) 344 1651 / Serving Golden B.C. & Surrounding Area

Please get in touch for full price details or with any questions. You can contact me directly with the information above or leave a message below. An e-mail with more pricing/session information will be immediately sent to you by submitting an inquiry form below.

Then, within 2 business days, I will personally phone you to talk more about your portrait ideas. After that, our next step together will be to find a date/time for your Pre-Consultation.

I can’t wait to start planning your portraits with you!

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