Jena Lee Photographs

Settle your Mothering heart with portraits of their entire first year

Your little baby. They aren’t even earthside yet and you can already feel the heartache of them growing up. You understand how hard the first few weeks are, but how quickly your infant becomes a newborn. You already know that you will savour each hour because this is the smallest they will ever be. As their Mother, your heart surges with pride as they grow, but also aches as you slowly lose your baby.

One day, you will blink and your baby will be gone.


Golden BC + Surrounding Areas

With The Baby Photography Plan, they can stay small forever. 

You can have the best of both worlds. Your baby can keep growing and you can have comfort knowing that you can revisit how small they used to be at any time. Their little baby belly and wrinkly toes will be preserved forever with the power of Photography. 

One-Year-Old Portraits with NAVY MAE

“There was no doubt in my mind or my husband’s that Jena was going to be our go-to for photos. She was so patient during the whole process and was there for every step along the way. “


“My experiences with Jena have been beyond my wildest expectations. Her ease and calming nature lend to an extremely fun and comfortable photo shoot. If I didn’t know better I wouldn’t have thought there was a camera involved, more like spending time with a friend. The whole experience was natural and easy.”

“I love her — she is the type of person that you meet and just love instantly. Something about her is so wonderfully unique and genuine. I am beyond ecstatic about her photographing the upcoming birth of my child. If you are on the fence, don’t be. She will take great care of you.”