Indoor Couples Photographer · British Columbia

Bonnie & Vince

This session melts my heart for a few reasons.

First of all, I had the opportunity to really get to know a friend from school and meet her boyfriend. Something that wouldn’t have happened otherwise if we didn’t all share a passion for photography. At our initial meeting, they began to explain how different they both are but how great their relationship works. They both agreed that once I saw their apartment, everything would make sense. And it did.

Upon entering their space, it was clear that two opposite worlds had collided and fell in love. Vince expresses himself with saturated and vibrant colours and Bonnie likes shiny gold and chique whites. Despite different design tastes and personalities, Bonnie and Vince share a passion for creativity, honesty, and openness.

As I asked them questions and took their photographs, there were no hesitations to share their stories and emotions with each other. Their photography experience was full of laughter, lots of hugs, and dove deep into their relationship. I will let the pictures do the talking now…


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