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Mother and Child

The connection between a Mother and child is powerful. Especially while they are young. A mother creates her child and then raises them to be their own independent soul. Indeed, it can be both satisfying and difficult to watch your child grow.

When I met Erin and her child, Asher, a favourite activity she wanted to preserve was their bath time together. Even though this Mother knew these were moments that would not last forever, she savoured them as much as possible. Hence, bathtime was the perfect activity for their mother and child portraits.

Mom Child Photography Ideas in Golden BC with Jena Lee Photographs

Family Photography

When you think about family photos, what comes to mind? Initially, I bet most people think of the regular stand and pose type of family portraits. Over the years, I have developed a family portrait experience that goes beyond that. Truth be told, nobody like to stand and feel awkward in front of the camera. Nor do I want that for you.

My family photography sessions have a relaxed feel. I encourage you to choose and activity that you already do together. For several reasons, doing this brings out the magic in your portraits.

For example, this mother and child had a bath together. Her child barely paid attention to the camera because he was having so much fun. Also, this mother played with her child like normal. Having something to do takes the pressure off and opens up a space for everybody to be themselves. This is the true magic of portrait photography and how you know you found a good Photographer.

mother and child bath tub photography
mother and child bath tub photography
mother and child bath tub photography

When To Book?

You might have a small child now or several adult children. Regardless, it is never too early or too late to inquire about Family Photography. Many of my clients return every few years to keep their portraits updated.

Consequently, I generally have many returning clients. For this reason, mother and child portrait session dates are limited and book up extremely quickly. If you are at all interested in Family Photography, submit an inquiry so we can start the process. Our first step together is to select a date/time for your no-obligation pre-consultation. At this appointment we make sure we are a great fit for each other, you tell me more about what you are looking for, and I give you a general quote.

If you are not quite ready to inquire about Mother and Child photographs but would like more detailed session and pricing information, sign up for The Client Guide. This includes a little more about me, what kind of experience you can expect, print products, and general prices.


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