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Family Photographer Golden B.C. · Indoor Lifestyle Series

Kristen, Dani, & Micah

Honestly, nowadays we spend most of our time laying on the floor.

The honesty of Kristen’s answer made us both laugh a bit. Kristen and her husband Dani explained that they used to be quite busy all of the time, going on ski trips and traveling around the world, but are now enjoying staying home more with their son, Micah. They told me about how their life has slowed down (in a fantastic way) since the arrival of Micah. They both really value living in a small town and appreciate it’s quiet streets and mountain surroundings.

Micah spent his time fascinated with the mandolin and egg shaker. He seemed to be interested in anything musical and also pretty interested in my camera. We all spent time together watching Micah explore his toys and home, and of course enjoying time laying on the floor.

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