Print Your Photos: The Heirloom Album

The Heirloom Album is one of the available ways to print your portraits with Jena Lee Photographs.

For all family, baby, or birth photography sessions with Jena Lee Photographs, you have the option to receive your images in digital form, printed, or both. Typically, most families fall in love with one or two favourite images and purchase them as larger professional wall art. Then they print the rest of their images in an album.

These albums are handcrafted in British-Columbia Canada and are meant to be looked through often. This means they are durable and built to last a lifetime. The Heirloom Album is perfect for sitting together on the couch and flipping through while you tell your children stories from that time. It’s meant to be passed down for generations, so your children can tell their children the stories.

These albums are a true family heirloom.