Family Lifestyle Photography, Backyard Farm, Langley British Columbia, Family Portrait Photographer

Lifestyle Family Photographer · Langley B.C.

Lifestyle Family Photographer · Langley B.C. · The Karwat Family

Before every photography session, I send families a short questionnaire to get a sense of who they are and what is important to them. One of the questions is to describe each member in one word. Amber, mother of three kids and 20 some chickens, simply wrote LOUD.

I got a sense of what she meant as soon as I got to their home. Their eldest kid, Mischa, came over and said hello. She was followed shortly by her younger brother Preston and sister Talia. After that, the three of them couldn’t show me their toys or tell me stories fast enough, it was an incredibly exciting two hours with them! I heard all about how they chose names for each of their chickens, the lego Preston got for his birthday, how they love jumping on the trampoline and twirling on the swing, how much they love their dog, how much they love their mom, how much they love their dad… those three kids made my job incredibly easy, I didn’t even have to pull out my list of fun photo games.  They were non-stop running, laughing, and cuddling their parents.

We are loud, chaotic, a little crazy from constant renovations – but man we love each other!


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