After our Langara Professional Photography graduation gallery, my family and I traveled to Tofino British Columbia for beaches, surfing, and tacos.

Families are my favourite thing to take photos of, especially my own. It is fun to photograph people you know so well because you can be pretty certain about how they are going to react. With family, everyone knows that just one certain look can invoke anger or laughter.

I tell people all the time that photography helps you feel connected to each other. It sort of helps you rekindle your love and remember all of your favourite things about each other. Spending time in Tofino beachcombing, surfing, and exploring with my family was the best way to reconnect. Watching them all through the lens — and even being on the other side of it a few times — was a special experience. After losing Dad two years ago, we know too well how quickly life changes and we all deeply appreciated getting to spend time together.

Love to my pham xx

Tofino BC, Photographer, Ocean, Pacific Terminus Highway

Tofino BC, Photographer, Family, Ocean, Rocks, Waves

Tofino BC, Photographer, Family, Ocean, Rocks, Waves

Tofino BC, Couple, Photographer, Family, Ocean

Ocean, Tofino, Surfing, British Columbia, Surf Sisters, Black and White, Photographer, Family

Tofino BC, Photographer, Family, Ocean, Surfing, Surf Sisters, Waves


Tofino BC, Tofino Brew Co, Bikes, Beers

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family, Mom

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family






About the Author jenaleelaroy

Family Photographer, Golden British Columbia, Canada


  1. Jena,

    Great pics, love them all.

    Bob Fairbank
    President & CEO
    TNT Crane & Rigging Canada Inc.
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  2. You really have the talent in capturing emotions on your subject’s faces. Your style reflects you …easy going, peaceful and beautiful.

  3. JenaLee Laroy,
    You’re photos are wonderful and your story brought tears to my eyes.
    I too was, well still am,a photographer that went through many stages of photographing. Loving every concept I adapted through the years.
    Family was my favorite and now I am here alone so have encouraged my sisters and nieces to carry on with photographing their children and activities etc. It’s wonderful to get these pictures on Facebook or emailed. Brings me closer to them as they live in Hawaii and Arizona. The history of our family I have in photos is endless and I love it as the great nieces and nephews will in the future.
    Had a period in my life where I just wanted to be alone with nature and concentrated on intimate landscapes and wild flowers and that taught me a new perspective.
    My favorite community shoots were photographing the Golden Golf Course and Club and its people for the first 25 years.
    But my very favorite and because I’m still stuck in the Vortex of it, was the building of the Kickinghorse Timber Frame Bridge and all the wonderful volunteers and Timberframers from around the world. Oh for men in tool belts!!!
    Thanks for letting me vent after your wonderful write up and I look forward to seeing your photography evolve and move people with emotion throughout your life.
    I know your mother a little from being a nurse myself and I see where you get your passion.
    Again Thank you
    Cheryl Chapman.

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for your kind words and reply. I love reading about other photographer’s stories, especially from around here in the Golden Area. Those pictures of building the timber frame pedestrian bridge sound amazing, I would love to get together sometime and see them if you are ever in town. Those are really special, I haven’t seen any pictures of the bridge being built at all.

      Thank you for sharing your story – keep your girls photographing and building your family’s legacy 🙂

      xx Jena

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