How to get the most enjoyment out of your photographs:

1. Take photo
2. Print photo
3. Put on wall
4. Happy


I have only very recently been rescued back into the world of printing photographs.

When I was little, I remember dropping rolls of film off with my mom at Overwaitea and then picking our prints up the next day. That was the normal thing to do. Taking pictures only happened during special occasions — unless your kids got a hold of the camera — and they always got printed because otherwise, you’d never see them.

Then came along the world of digital photography. The excitement of being able to take a photo and view it moments later took the world by storm. Photography was changed forever, in positive and negative ways. We are now free to take as many photographs as we want, but the immediate satisfaction of seeing your photo almost always means that it never makes it out of the camera. Pictures are left on your phone or computer until they are lost or technology changes and they can no longer be recovered.

I think that there is a way to combine the nostalgia and tangibility of the film photography days with the demand for instant and abundance of today’s digital world. All we have to do is remember to print the digital photographs we take. What good is that family photo if nobody ever sees it in the real world? Sure it got lots of likes on social media, but what good are likes if that is the last time you see it?

Something that I take pride in as a photographer is encouraging my clients to display their photos. Their experience with me does not end once they see the digital copies of their photos, my clients get to choose how they want to display their photos from Jena Lee Photographs’ beautiful line of products.


Maybe their session was more personal, and they want to keep their photos more private in a folio that fits on their bedside table. It would certainly make me happy to see a photo of my family before drifting off to sleep. Or maybe they got married in a beautiful mountain scene and they want a giant print on their wall that their friends and family will ooh and awe over.  Perhaps they loved every single photo from their session and chose to put them all in a coffee table book that they browse through when they have an extra five minutes.

Imagine your favourite photo printed, framed, and hung somewhere that you get to see it every day. You get to walk by it all day long and every time you catch a glance of it, it brings you right back to that happy memory.  There is no way you would sit down, plug in a hard drive, dig through computer files, and then browse through digital images in the same way you would if they were printed and sitting on your coffee table, ready to be looked through and held.

So if you want to feel happier, print your photos and hang them up. That is all.




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