Your Baby’s First Year – Candid Baby Photography

Your Baby’s First Year photography bundles. Available photography sessions include Maternity, Fresh 48 (first 48 hours of life), Newborn, 3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month, and One Year Birthday. 

Your Baby’s First Year

In-home or outdoor photography sessions of you and your baby’s first year together.

Candid photography sessions of your baby’s first year of life… because it goes by so fast. It seems that something changes every week. Before you know it you will have a toddler running around and you will be wondering where your days of newborn snuggles went? The best way to remember those moments forever is with Your Baby’s First Year candid photography sessions.

Baby Navy during her one-year-old portrait session as part of her entire year of portraits in Golden BC

What are Your Baby’s First Year photography bundles?

They are candid photography sessions spread throughout your baby’s first year of life. These are meant to document all of your favourite milestones within that first year that seems to go by so quickly.

Available sessions include: Maternity – Birth — Fresh 48 – Newborn — 3 Month – 6 Month – 9 Month – One Year Birthday — Family

Where do we take Your Baby’s First Year photos?

These photography sessions can be done in your home or outside. In-home photography sessions are perfect for the colder months of the year or for when you need to keep your baby inside. I love taking photographs of people in their own environments because everybody is more comfortable. Plus, the details of your home will also change with your baby, so it’s a nice touch to remember that as well. Outdoor photography sessions are great for when the weather is nice and you want to spend time together as a family. The options are endless for in-home and outdoor sessions, but they are all guaranteed to be candid and to tell the real story of your baby’s first year.

What does candid baby photography mean?

Candid photography means that I won’t make you pose in funny positions or do anything that isn’t true to you. A candid photography session feels like friends catching up and getting to know each other. Of course, I will give you gentle directions about where to stand and a few corrections here and there so that you look your best, but I will never make you pose or stand stiffly for the camera. I actually hope that you forget the camera is there. For your candid baby photography, we will spend some time getting comfortable and then share stories and talk about life things. There will be lots of snuggling, rocking, and kissing your baby… which you probably would have been doing anyway. So as you can probably imagine, over the course of Your Baby’s First Year of photography sessions, we will all get to know each other pretty well.

Baby Navy during her one-year-old portrait session as part of her entire year of portraits in Golden BC

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