Outdoor Family Photography in Golden – Everything You Need To Know

If you have been thinking about an outdoor photography session — perfect for both Family Sessions and as part of Your Baby’s First Year Bundles by the way — I have put together a little guide so you can be as prepared as possible:

Outdoor Family Photography in Golden BC: What do you need to know?

Outdoor family photography in Golden BC is stunning, to say the least. We have three mountain ranges and two rivers that all intersect here to create one awesome landscape. Outdoor family photography in Golden BC is for the mountain-lovers and the nature-explorers. They are for families who feel at home in nature and embrace the weather. Also, outdoor portrait sessions are great for families with young children. There is space for everyone to move around, the landscape adds to your story, and we can send the kids on a scavenger hunt to keep them entertained.

Most families love outdoor portraits because it speaks to who they are as a family. Sometimes, my clients request a mountain location because they hike together as a family. Other times, parents love bringing their kids to the beach and want their photos to be near the water. Outdoor family photography in Golden BC can have almost any type of backdrop. You and your family can have your portraits done against the Rocky Mountains, the Kicking Horse River, or deep in our subalpine forests. I love when families choose locations that represent them and add to their story.

If you have been thinking about an outdoor family photography in Golden BC — perfect for both Candid Family Sessions and as part of Your Baby’s First Year Bundles by the way — I have put together a guide so you can be as prepared as possible. There are a few things that are unique to Golden that I always recommend for outdoor family photography sessions!

Outdoor family portraits in Golden BC with Jena Lee Photographs

1. Clothing

The ever important question, what do I wear for my outdoor family photography? Golden BC and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort are nestled between three different mountain ranges. This means the weather changes a lot and very quickly. It is not uncommon for it to rain, thunder, hail, and then be sunny again all within the hour, especially up at Kicking Horse. I always recommend wearing layers for your outdoor family photography in Golden BC. Not only will they help you stay comfortable if the weather changes, but layers and accessories also look great in photos.

Example: If you are wearing a dress, you could add a hat and a shawl. This adds warmth and variety to your photos. Layers give you the freedom to adjust to the weather as it changes throughout the day.

outdoor family photography in golden bc

2. Shoes

Depending on our location, I recommend wearing something that is comfortable and practical. Outdoor family photography in Golden BC usually entails exploring and walking around. I get people to move a lot during their portrait sessions to create those wonderful candid moments… so high heels might not be your best option. I love Vans, Birkenstocks, and Blundstones for outdoor family photography. If those aren’t your style, anything that lets you walk around and that you can keep on your feet for longer than an hour will be fine.

*While we are here, barefoot = also fine.

outdoor family photography with jena lee photographs in golden bc

3. Your Kids …

If you can get them dressed and at your outdoor family photography session on time, your job is done. I am an expert at taking great photos of kids. I let them lead the photo session (to an extent) and let them play lots of fun games. This is how to create photographs that really capture who they are. We will do lots of treasure hunts, skipping, dancing, wiggling, and hugging. They are guaranteed to be entertained and to enjoy taking photos. Most of them don’t even realize the jedi mind tricks I play on them because they are having so much fun. I expect kids to listen, have fun, and be kind. I never expect them to sit still or be perfect. Even if there are tears, snuggling up to Mom or Dad makes beautiful portraits.

*That being said, if a full meltdown happens we can definitely reschedule your outdoor family photography for another time at no extra cost.

outdoor family photography in golden bc with jena lee photographs

4. What should I bring to my outdoor family photography in Golden BC?

Bug Spray

For outdoor family photography in Golden BC/Kicking Horse, bug spray is a must. I try my best to have some in my bag, but it’s not a bad idea to spray before you come and during the session as well. The Spring and Fall are usually tolerable for bugs here, but if you have spent any time here in the Summer, you know how savage they can get.


If we are photographing at the river or will be outside in the Sun, make sure to slather the kids and yourselves before your session. Nobody enjoys a sunburn.

A blanket

This is optional. Blankets make a great prop for wrapping around everybody and for creating a comfortable place to sit down together. An old family quilt or a favourite beach blanket is perfect for your outdoor family photography. Please keep in mind how your blanket will fit in with what you are wearing. Feel free to send me pictures if you aren’t sure.

Your kids favourite toy

Sometimes kids want to bring their favourite toy and I think that’s great. If this is a time in their lives when a small object brings them comfort then I absolutely think it will be a great prop in your photos. Anything that adds to your family’s story in a meaningful way is always welcomed.

outdoor family photography in golden bc with jena lee photographs

5. Time Of Day

Photographers are always stressing about the time of day for good reason. The quality of light can affect the whole look and feel of your outdoor family photography. It’s important to me that you get what you are looking for. I am going to ask you whether your family are morning or night people. Then we pick a time as close to sunrise or sunset as possible. With kids, I realize that staying up a bit later or getting up earlier might affect their mood a little bit. However, if we can plan ahead and try to sneak them an extra nap, it has been worth it every single time. That being said, you know your kids best though. If you really don’t think the morning/evening will work, I can do my best to find you a great spot in the afternoon.

One of the best parts of outdoor family photography in Golden BC is the way the sun shines through the mountains at dusk and dawn. It’s one of my favourite things about living here.

outdoor family photography in golden bc with jena lee photographs

Let’s start planning your portraits!

If this sounds great to you, enter your information below to have general information and prices sent to you immediately. If you would like to read more information, you can try the Candid Family Sessions or Your Baby’s First Year FAQ pages, or The Client Guide.

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Jena_SelfPortraits_2018-July 05, 2018-12_WebSize Jena LaRoy completed her Professional Photography Diploma at Langara Collge in Vancouver British-Columbia and then returned to her hometown Golden B.C. to launch her photography business (2017). Jena helps you create heartfelt portraits that tell your story and takes pride in helping her clients print and display their images so that they can bring you joy every day. 

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