Update your family portraits while you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Family Photography in Banff

Welcome to Banff AB, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Visiting Banff AB is the perfect time to update your family photography. This little mountain town has endless vistas and iconic sceneries for family photography.

Something I highly recommend to do while you are here amongst the mountains is to update your family portraits. As a Professional Photographer, I can assure you that there is no place more beautiful for family photography than the mountains of Banff AB.

There is no shortage of beautiful locations for your family photography here in Banff AB. While you and your family are here, make sure to set aside a morning or evening for family photography. In just one hour, we will create beautiful portraits of your family and celebrate this special time in the Rocky Mountains. Even better, your family portraits will be printed out and waiting for you when you get back home.

★★★★★ — “Jena cares deeply about her work, which is her passion, and it speaks in the images that she takes. Her travel and life experience have truly enabled her to flourish as a professional photographer. She strives for the best and has a way to make you feel very comfortable with her kind and calm personality. She’s a real natural and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Jena Lee Photographs to capture your most special moments.”

Stacey Kleon, Golden BC


Rates starting at $300 +


The perfect place to update your family photography.

Banff AB is located in Banff National Park. It’s 1.5 hours East of Golden BC, where I am located. Both Banff and Golden are home to the Rocky Mountains and have endless beautiful family photography locations.

Once you and your family arrive, you will see Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade along the skyline. Banff AB is particularly beautiful because as you walk down the streets, the mountains literally shoot up from the ground in front of you. The bustling streets of Banff AB are surrounded by mountain peaks and glacial lakes. Your family will love it.

As you and your family explore this beautiful area, I highly recommend setting aside a morning or evening for family photography. A family vacation in the mountains is the perfect occasion to update your portraits.


The most beautiful mountains for your beautiful family.

While you are on vacation together, you create memories and spend time. Usually, the goal of a family vacation is to unplug and connect. Vacations are often peoples favourite memories together. They are a time to feel grounded and loved. They are a time to reconnect with the people you love most. For this reason, I always recommend family photography during this time.

Family photography is such a powerful way to symbolize your love for each other. My goal is always to create family portraits that are true to who you are, tell your story, and capture your beautiful surroundings. Your visit to Banff AB is going to be mind-blowingly beautiful and full of connection. There really is no better time for family photography.


First of all, congratulations on traveling with children. I know it ain’t easy. As a family photographer, I have become an expert at photographing children.

As a rule, I never expect them to sit perfectly still or be perfectly behaved. What I mean is that during your family photography in Banff AB, I encourage your kids to explore and be themselves. Throughout my years of being a family photographer, I have discovered what works best with kids. We will find a location that they can explore, go on scavenger hunts, and play games. These are all ways that we will engage your kids and create beautiful candid portraits. Your children get to have a fun time, you don’t have to worry about them, and we create your beautiful family photography. It’s a win-win-win.


Then lifestyle photography is for you.

Playing games with your children, talking about favourite memories, and moving around is how we create great candid family photography. It’s actually called lifestyle photography. This is my favourite type of family photography to create for several reasons.

First, lifestyle family photography takes the pressure off of you. There won’t be any standing and posing. I will tell you where to be and give you gentle direction when you need it. After that, we will talk, share, and play with the kids all while creating your family portraits. Even the most camera shy individuals find that they can settle into lifestyle photography. Everyone becomes comfortable when they are just being themselves and spending time with the people they love. It’s easy, I promise.


You’re on the move, take advantage of same day turn-around.

Since you are probably on the move, traveling through the Rocky Mountains, you have two options for your family photography.

Same Day Service: If you and your family would like to see your portraits on the same day that we photograph them, great! After we create your family photography in Banff AB, I can have your portraits ready to view later that day or the next morning. You can select your favourites and I will finish your portraits while you continue your vacation.

Wait Until You’re Home: Or if you and your family would rather see your portraits after you are settled back home, that is fine too. We will organize a video call so you can see your family photography at that time.


Your favourite images will be designed, printed, and shipped to your home.

I always take family photography one step further by helping you print your images. Not only are we going to create beautiful family portraits for you, but we are also going to print them.

This means that after we take your portraits, we will get together one more time — either in person or via video call — so you can select which images you’d like to print out.

In general, the majority of my clients select their absolute favourite image that they want to see every day for hanging up on the wall. Since Banff AB is so beautiful, it’s like having a gorgeous landscape print on your wall, but with your family in it.

After that, the remainder of your family photographs can be printed as a storybook in the Heirloom Album.

None of this requires any extra work by you. The only thing you have to do is tell me which images you would like to see up on your walls. While you and your family finish their adventure in Banff AB, I will do all of the work for you. This means that I will design, print, and ship your images right to your home. This way, your Banff AB family vacation will be enjoyed forever. Your printed family photography will be there to remind you of this favourite trip each time you look at it.


The sooner, the better.

To guarantee that I am available on the dates that you are here in Banff AB, make sure to get in touch as soon as possible. In general, our area is very busy during the Summer months. For this reason, get in touch as soon as you know when you are coming!

If you aren’t sure which dates you will be in Banff AB, get in touch anyway. I can get you on my calendar and we can always refine the dates when you know more about your family vacation.

I can’t wait to hear from you and work together.


Jena LaRoy / Jena Lee Photographs

Hi there, my name is Jena. I am a Professional Photographer in Golden British-Columbia. I specialize in Baby Photography Plans and Birth Photography.

When I am not being a Photographer, I can be found spending time in our garden, at the park with our dog Murphy, and biking/skiing The Rocky Mountains.

Gardening tips and photography inquiries are accepted equally. Thanks for being here, I can’t wait to hear from you.