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I applaud you for traveling with young children and a baby. You are a great parent. These memories you create together are going to stick with you and your family forever. Even though they may be young, they really will remember the feeling of spending so much time as a family. They might not remember the specifics, but they will remember the love and adventure you show them.

It’s true that children feel more confident when they have a strong sense of security, which comes from their family. If you do anything as a parent, whether you are in a position to take vacations or not, just take the time to let your child know they are loved. Seriously. And, one of the greatest ways you can do this is actually with family portraits.

How Family Portraits Create Confidence in Children

It’s true that when children see themselves in family portraits, it fills them with sense of belonging. One of the most basic human needs is to belong and feel loved. There is a real science behind it, which I am not qualified to explain. However, my experience as a portrait photographer has been incredibly interesting.

As a family photographer, I get to see many different dynamics. One part is always the same though. When I arrive to install a family’s new printed and framed portrait, the kids love it. They are always delighted that that’s them in the portrait with the rest of the people they love.

One of my favourite client stories is after I installed a gallery wall in one Mother’s home, she phoned me a few weeks later. On the phone she says: I absolutely love our new gallery wall, but my toddler is driving me crazy! She went on to tell me that every morning her daughter would sit in the living room and tell her Mom who was in each portrait. Over and over and over. Of course, it was endearing that her daughter found so much joy in their new gallery wall, but we couldn’t help but laugh at the endless repetition from her toddler.

Update Your Family Portraits in The Golden BC Rocky Mountains

Anyhow, back to family portraits while you’re here in Golden BC.

We live at the intersection of the Purcell, the Selkirk, and the Rocky Mountains, and at the confluence of the Kicking Horse and the Columbia River. As you can imagine, there is no shortage of adventure or beautiful scenery here.

As a family photographer, I feel compelled to let you know this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you love the mountains at all, it would be a great idea to update your family portraits while you’re here in Golden BC. There are beautiful family portrait locations here all year round.

My Family Doesn’t Photograph Well …

Have you ever heard of lifestyle photography?

Over the years, I have found that with lifestyle photography, even the most camera shy family can create beautiful portraits. We will get to know each other well in advance to make sure we are a great fit for each other. Then during your family portraits, I will give you gentle direction and things to talk about. The pressure of being in front of the camera disappears when you are busy connecting with each other or reliving a favourite family memory. I promise, you can do it too.

candid family portraits in golden bc rocky mounatins
candid family portraits in the golden bc rocky mountains

How To Book Family Portraits

Easy, get in touch with me here.

Our first step together will be to organize a quick phone call. This is where we make sure we are a great fit for each other, when you can tell me more about what you are looking for, and I give you a general quote for everything.

Even if you are just on the fence or looking around, get in touch. The phone call does not commit you to anything. Chances are though if you want a Photographer who values your family as much as you do, who gently guides you into beautiful candid portraits, and who will help you create that family gallery wall you have always wanted, we will be a great fit for each other. Let’s connect.


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Hi there, my name is Jena. I am a Professional Photographer in Golden British-Columbia. I specialize in Baby Photography Plans and Birth Photography.

When I am not being a Photographer, I can be found spending time in our garden, at the park with our dog Murphy, and biking/skiing The Rocky Mountains.

Gardening tips and baby photography inquiries are accepted equally. Thanks for being here, I can’t wait to hear from you.