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When To Book Maternity Photos? Everything You Need To Know.

As a maternity photographer, I recommend booking maternity photos somewhere between 30-35 weeks. However, go with what your body is telling you.

When Should I Book Maternity Photos?

As a newborn and maternity photographer in Golden + Invermere BC and Banff + Canmore AB, I recommend to schedule your Maternity Portraits around 30-35 weeks. If you want to book maternity photos, I answer many other common maternity photo questions below.


Over the years, I have found that anywhere between 30-35 weeks gives great results.

That being said, I always tell women to go with what feels right for them. I have photographed mother’s at seven-months and at 40-weeks because that is when they felt their best. The best time to book maternity portraits depends on your goals and your body. If in doubt, reach out and I will happily answer your questions.


They can be anything you want, you are not obliged to wear a long flowy dress if you don’t want to. For some inspiration, here are some of my favourite maternity photography themes:

Indoor maternity photography is perfect for the colder months or anybody who loves warm cozy in-home portraits. These are less traditional but more personalized to you. They are easy going with a laid-back and comfortable feel.

Outdoor maternity portraits are great for families who already have kids that like to move around. I recommend thinking about a location that is meaningful to you and your family.


Some want to remember their maternity forever and others book maternity photos as a gift to their baby. There is no right or wrong answer.

As a Photographer, of course I think you should book maternity photos. Second to newborn photos, they are one of my most popular portrait sessions. Maternity photos are special because they are a celebration of the last few weeks before your life evolves onto the next season.

I recommend maternity portraits because these are the last few weeks before your baby arrives and you are on to the next chapter of your life. Maternity portraits are a great way to celebrate the end of this season of life.


Anything that makes you feel comfortable and like yourself.

For your maternity portraits, wear a dress, jeans, or my personal favourite, wear nothing. Bodies are amazing and I think that pregnancy is extra beautiful. If you are comfortable, show off your skin and your body for some extra beautiful maternity portraits.

MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY: Part of The Baby Photography Plan

This is the very first portrait session in The Baby Photography Plan.

I created The Baby Photography Plan for parents who want to have their baby’s first year professionally and artistically documented. With the intention of documenting that fleeting first year with your baby, The Baby Photography Plan is the perfect time capsule.

Available photography sessions include:

Maternity · Fresh 48 · Newborn · 3-Months · 6-Months · 9-Months · One Year Old

+ Birth Add-On
+ Family Portraits Add-On


In general, it is best to book maternity photos anywhere between 30-35 weeks. To guarantee my availability, it is best to get in touch about The Baby Photography Plan as soon as possible.

Additionally, with The Baby Photography Plan I spend the entire year with my clients. Thus, my calendar books up very quickly and that I can only take on a limited number of clients per year. In other words, get in touch as soon as possible so we can make sure we are a great fit for each other and start planning your maternity portraits.

The Baby Photography Plan is available in Golden and Invermere British-Columbia, Banff and Canmore Alberta.


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