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Your baby’s first cry. What was that like for you? Do you remember your first seconds together? Imagine all of that preserved forever in a beautiful photograph. Your entire birth story can be relived any time with the power of Photography.

You might have noticed that Birth Photography has become more and more popular over the last few years. Considering that it is a relatively new genre of Photography, many people ask what is Birth Photography? When I tell people that I photograph births as part of my Baby Photography Plan, they either think it’s very cool or very strange. Which is fair enough. Indeed, Birth Photography is one of the newest Photography genres. However, it has skyrocketed in popularity for good reason.

C-Section Birth Photography
C-Section Birth Photography

Why is Birth Photography So Popular?

When I talk about Birth Photography, it is either received enthusiastically or with a look of confusion. Specifically, a look that asks why is that something people want?

When this happens, I think people are envisioning gruesome and bloody photographs of things you’d rather not see. When in fact, that is not what Birth Photography is about at all. It is not always full of gore, blood, and full spread vaginas. I mean sometimes it is, but only if you want it to be. With every birth story I photograph, it is up to the Mother to decide how graphic or intimate she would like her birth photos to be. Some women want to see absolutely everything and some women want their experience photographed in a modest way. In other words, birth photography can be as graphic or as reserved as you are comfortable with.

The number one reason families inquire about Birth Photography is to remember the powerful experience. Considering that birth is what a woman’s body is designed to do and that is one of the hardest experiences we will go through, it absolutely should be photographed.

Giving Birth Is An Accomplishment

Think about it, we always take photos of our greatest accomplishments. For example, graduations, first steps, weddings, new homes… the first thing we do is take a photo to commemorate the situation. Since recently, birth is no different.

This is what a woman’s body was made to do. We spend nine months creating and then hours (sometimes days) delivering. I mean, it is one of the most exhausting and trying experiences we go through. Of course, it should be photographed. We are miracle workers and the givers of life.

Birth Photography is Powerful and Empowering

If you have given birth, you know that it gets blurry. What I mean is that while a woman is in the throes of contractions and exhaustion, she is not thinking about documenting the situation. She draws on every ounce of strength she has to bring her baby earthside. During birth, she turns inward to find her inner power.

Once the baby is delivered and life returns to normal, only then does she have time to reflect on what just happened. Many times, women explain that they do not remember giving birth clearly. It is a foggy experience. It is really common to have cloudy memories of emotional experiences. Which is definitely the case during birth.

A woman might not realize her own raw strength until seeing her birth photos. It is one thing to live through an experience, but it is another to see yourself through somebody else’s perspective. What might have felt like your lowest moment, when you did not think you could do it, translates as ability, energy, and resilience on the outside. Birth photography documents your awesome ability to bring life into this world. It is for you to relive one of your greatest accomplishments and to see your strongest self.

C-section birth photography
Fresh 48 lifestyle newborn photograph session

Birth Photography is a necessity. If you are expecting please get birth photos. They are magic, priceless and they will make your soul smile like never before.

April Hards, C-Section Birth in Calgary AB

Birth Is Birth, Let’s Photograph It.

Birth Photography is for all types of birth. In the end, birth is birth whether you have it at the hospital, in your home, or have a c-section. I do not believe one is easier or harder than another, each type of birth comes with its own obstacles and challenges. The Birth Photography community is inclusive of all types of birth. We all have admiration for every single one.

If you have an interest in Birth Photography, I am sure you have many more questions. First, I always have a complimentary and no-obligation pre-consultation with you before we book anything. This is where we talk about what’s important to you, I explain more about the process, and we make sure we are a great fit for each other. Your birth space is sacred and personal so it is important that we trust and are comfortable with each other. Let’s connect!

Fresh 48 photography birth photography

When To Book Birth Photography?

If you are at all interested in Birth Photography, I recommend getting in touch right away. Birth Photography is available as part of my Baby Photography Plan. The photography package documents your baby from Maternity to One Year Old. This means that I generally spend the whole year with my Client’s and that space is limited/books up extremely quickly.

As mentioned above, our first step together is a quick phone call to find out more about your Birth Photography goals and to make sure we are a great fit for each other.

So if reading this sparks a light inside of you and you want more information about Birth Photography, let’s get together and talk about it. If you are not pregnant but have a friend who might love Birth Photography, send them my way too! I am a certified Canadian Birth Photographer and feel incredibly lucky that this is my job. I promise to take great care of you, your family, and your new babe.


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