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Birth Photography FAQ

Your baby’s first cry. What was that like for you? Do you remember your first seconds together? Imagine all of that preserved forever in a beautiful photograph. Your entire birth story can be relived any time with the power of Photography.

You might have noticed that Birth Photography has become more and more popular over the last few years. Considering that it is a relatively new genre of Photography, many people ask what is Birth Photography? When I tell people that I photograph births as part of my Baby Photography Plan, they either think it’s very cool or very strange. Which is fair enough. Indeed, Birth Photography is one of the newest Photography genres. However, it has skyrocketed in popularity for good reason.

C-Section Birth Photography
C-Section Birth Photography

What is Birth Photography?

Basically, birth photography is photography during your baby’s birth.

There is so much going on during birth that many women find that the details are blurry. When you are in an intense emotional state memories become distorted. Photography is a powerful tool for recalling your experience and seeing your own strength.

Overall, I am on call for you from 38 weeks until your delivery. Once you are in active labour, I come to you and photograph your birth as it happens. In the end, you will have your entire birth experience professionally and artistically documented.

Why Birth Photography?

There are many reasons, but in short it’s because giving birth is a huge accomplishment.

If you have given birth, you know that it gets blurry. What I mean is that while a woman is in the throes of contractions and exhaustion, she is not thinking about documenting the situation.

Only once the baby is delivered and life returns to normal does she have time to reflect on what just happened. Many times, women explain that they do not remember giving birth clearly and that it is a foggy experience. It is really common to have cloudy memories of emotional experiences such as giving birth.

A woman might not realize her own raw strength until seeing her birth photos. What might have felt like your lowest moment, when you did not think you could do it, translates as ability, energy, and resilience on the outside.

Birth photography documents your awesome ability to bring life into this world. It is for you to relive one of your greatest accomplishments and to see your strongest self.

☆☆☆☆☆ — “Birth photography is a necessity. If you are expecting, please get birth photos. They are magic, priceless and they will make your soul smile like never before.”

April Hards, C-Section Birth in Calgary AB

Who is it for?

Birth photography is for all types of birth: vaginal, hospital, in-home, c-section, induced… birth is birth.

The Birth Photography community is inclusive of all types of birth. We all have admiration for every single one. If you do not see yourself represented here it is simply because I have not had the opportunity. I am an ally for all people and all types of birth, please reach out!

How does it work?

Birth photographers are on call from 38 weeks until your delivery.

If you are at all interested in Birth Photography, I recommend getting in touch right away.

Birth Photography is available as part of my Baby Photography Plan. What this means is that I photograph each important milestone throughout your baby’s first year. We begin during your maternity and end at their one-year-old brithday. For this reason, I generally spend the whole year with my Client’s and that space is limited/books up extremely quickly.

Being on call for birth photography requires some logistics, so please get in touch to see if we can make it work together!


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