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Three months old and Baby Virgil is loving life in Golden British-Columbia with his Mama. They chose to have their three month old portraits done in their home during bath time. When deciding what to do for your portraits, I always encourage to draw inspiration from your everyday activities. He won’t fit in his tiny bathtub forever. So we decided that this sweet daily ritual would be perfect for Virgil’s three month old baby portraits.

3 month old baby photography
3 month old baby photography
3 month old baby photography

3 Month Old Baby Portraits

At three months, your baby is likely starting to smile at you, a lot. Virgil was quite the charmer during his bathtub portraits. He loved to stare at his mom and practice (almost) laughing. There is such a huge difference between babies when I see them for their Newborn Portraits and for their 3 Month Old Portraits. I feel a bit like a broken record admiring how big they get between this time and how much their personality starts to come out. The amount your baby grows and learns in one short year is SO amazing. That is one of the biggest reasons Photography is so important and valuable.

three month old baby portraits

Three month old baby Virgil smiles a lot, loves his Mom, and is working on his laugh. I am sure that the next time I see them for his Six Month Old Portraits he will full of baby laughs.

3 Month Old Baby Portraits

Your Baby’s First Year with Jena Lee Photographs

Virgil’s three month old baby portraits are part of the overall Your Baby’s First Year photography package. I created Your Baby’s First Year for parents who want each of their baby’s milestones documented throughout their first year of life. Typical Your Baby’s First Year portrait sessions include Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, 3-Months, 6-Months, 9-Months, and One Year Old. As of this year, I am very excited to also offer Birth Photography as an available add-on! You can book the entire first year package (with or without Birth Photography) or just single sessions. Whichever suits you best.

What To Do With Your Baby’s Portraits After?

I’m glad you asked. After we create your baby’s portraits, the fun part begins. I have a beautiful line of museum quality heirloom print products for you to choose from to display your images. There are Albums, Wall Art, Collages, Prints, Cards and Digital Packages to choose from. You can view samples of each product at your complimentary Pre-Consultation. The print and display products are seriously beautiful. All of my Clients end up falling in love with them. Virgil’s 3 month old baby portraits will be added to his Grow With Me Collage.

Newborn photography session printed and hung as a collage in nursery
Grow With Me Collage

When To Book?

You might have a three month old now, or you might still be growing your little babe and planning ahead. Regardless, it is never too early or too late to inquire about Your Baby’s First Year photography packages.

Since I generally spend the entire year with my Clients, portrait session dates are limited and book up extremely quickly. If you are at all interested in Your Baby’s First Year I recommend to submit an inquiry so we can start the process. Our first step together will be to select a date/time for your no-obligation pre-consultation. This is where we make sure we are a great fit for each other, when you can tell me more about what you are looking for, and I give you a general quote.

If you are not quite ready to inquire but would like more detailed session and pricing information you can sign up for The Client Guide. This includes a little more about me, what kind of experience you can expect, print products, and general prices.