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Maternity + Newborn Photography in Banff Alberta

If you are looking for a Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Banff AB, you probably already know that your baby grows up so fast. Your first year together goes by so quickly. It is for this reason that The Baby Photography Plan was created. Maternity and Newborn photography are part of The Baby Photography plan, which is a customizable portrait plan for your baby. You can choose which of our baby’s milestones are most important to you and have them photographed. The Baby Plan is your time capsule so you have each baby phase perfectly documented. Maternity and Newborn Photography is available in Banff AB as part of my Baby Photography Plan, with other baby photography sessions available as add-ons.

★★★★★ — “My experiences with Jena have been beyond my wildest expectations. Her ease and calming nature lend to an extremely fun and comfortable photo shoot. If I didn’t know better I wouldn’t have thought there was a camera involved, more like spending time with a friend. I cannot wait for future shoots with Jena as our family continues to grow.”

Angela Vaillancourt, The Baby Plan, Golden BC


Rates starting at $300 +

Banff AB is a place for those who’s heart feels most at home amongst the mountains. As you walk the streets, the mountains quite literally launch from the ground in front of you. It’s the perfect town to watch your little baby grow up in. Before you know it, they will be right on your tail on their skis or bike. Your newborn will quickly become your adventure partner. Your baby is so lucky to grow up here and to feel so at ease in nature.

They Grow Up So Quickly

They aren’t grown up yet though. I know you know how quickly it happens. Your baby is only an infant for a few days before they gain weight and become a newborn. Your baby’s first laugh will fill your heart with delight at their accomplishment, but there will also be a pang of sadness. It’s an unfair torment to be happy that your baby is growing but to also miss how small they used to be. You understand the never-ending balancing act of savouring each moment and also making it through the day with some sanity. It’s hard. It’s so hard to take it all in when you are adjusting to life with a new baby.

Newborn + Maternity Photography Are Your Time Capsule

As a newborn photographer, this comes up in conversation all the time. The Mother’s and Father’s that I work with tell me that they are relieved to have newborn photography. They try so hard to remember each thing, take care of the baby, each other, themselves. However, with newborn photography, their hearts can rest easy. They know that they can revisit the tiny infant they first met, their sleepy newborn, or their smiling 3-month-old at any time. All they have to do is look at their portrait on the wall or pull out their baby’s first-year album. With newborn photography, it’s that easy to be transported back in time.

About Newborn + Maternity Photography with Jena Lee Photographs

There are unlimited mountain locations for newborn photography in Banff Alberta, Canada. Indeed, with every corner you turn there is another awesome mountain. It is easy enough to stand in front of the beautiful vistas and take a portrait. With so many photographers — and smartphones with amazing cameras — how do you choose a newborn photographer that’s right for you?

As a newborn photographer in Banff AB, it is important to me that you find the photography experience you are looking for. We are a great fit for each other if you want a photographer who cares about your family as much as you do. Who values quality over quantity and who puts in the effort/heart to find the real you. A photographer who wants to make you feel seen and create images that are true to you. Who will not only create beautiful portraits for you but also take great care of you along the way. A photography experience that does not end after your portraits are created, but that goes one step farther to help you design and display your portraits to bring you daily happiness.

About The Baby Photography Plan: Portraits From Maternity to One-Year-Old

My newborn photography portrait sessions are part of the overall Baby Plan. With this photography package, you have each of your baby’s phases documented from Maternity to One-Year-Old.

Of course, you can book just a single newborn photography session. However, the majority of my Client’s love the idea of having their entire first year documented. Babies just change so much within that first year. As their parent, you never have to let go of your little baby. While they continue to grow, you can easily remember your first year together just by looking through their portraits.

Nervous In Front Of The Camera?

That’s 100% normal. If you are nervous being in front of the camera, then lifestyle photography is for you.

For example, my newborn photography sessions usually take place outdoors in a beautiful mountain scene or indoors at your home. During a typical photography session, we spend time together sharing stories and moving around. I guide you into beautiful light and help you create candid portraits. Even the most camera shy people find that they can relax and be themselves. I take pride in my ability to help my clients feel comfortable. We will create newborn photography that truly speaks to your story.

What Will You Do With Your Newborn and Maternity Portraits?

Banff Alberta is a short drive from Golden British-Columbia, where I am located. I travel to Banff AB often. My Photography business specializes in Baby Photography Plans and Birth Photography. What this means is that I photograph my client’s babies several times a year. In the end, they have a beautiful first-year album or gallery wall to forever remember their baby by. Their newborn can keep growing and their heart can rest easy knowing their favourite baby phases are perfectly documented.

How Far In Advance Should I Book Newborn + Maternity Photography?

In general, I spend the entire year with my Clients and their babies. Therefore, my year books up very quickly.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. As a newborn and maternity photographer, I suggest the following:

Maternity photography is suggested around 30-32 weeks.

Newborn photography is suggested around 2-4 weeks.

There is also the option to add Birth Photography or a Fresh 48 portrait session, if you are interested.

Our first step together will be to talk about your newborn/maternity photography, and then decide if you are interested in other photography sessions after that.


*Also serving Golden, Invermere, and Canmore areas
Rates starting at $300+


Jena LaRoy / Jena Lee Photographs

Hi there, my name is Jena. I am a Professional Photographer in Golden British-Columbia, just 1.5 hours West of Banff, Alberta. 

When I am not being a Photographer, I can be found spending time in our garden, at the park with our dog Murphy, and biking/skiing The Rocky Mountains.

Gardening tips and newborn photography inquiries are accepted equally. Thanks for being here, I can’t wait to hear from you.