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Throughout that first year with your baby, you excitedly watch them grow while also mourning the loss of how little they used to be. How could they get so big overnight? When will be the last time they do something?

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Maternity + Newborn Photography Invermere BC

If you are looking for a Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Invermere BC, you probably already know that your baby grows up so fast. Your first year together goes by so quickly. It is for this reason that The Baby Photography Plan was created. Maternity and Newborn photography are part of The Baby Photography plan, which is a customizable portrait plan for your baby. You can choose which of our baby’s milestones are most important to you and have them photographed. The Baby Plan is your time capsule so you have each baby phase perfectly documented. Maternity and Newborn Photography is available in InvermereBC as part of my Baby Photography Plan, with other baby photography sessions available as add-ons.

★★★★★ — “My wife and I had the pleasure of having Jena as our Photographer. We could not be happier with our portraits. They are truly special and we are very thankful for them. Jena is so passionate about her job and we would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Ryan Olynyk, Calgary AB
Maternity photography in Invermere BC

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Rates starting at $300 +


Whether this is your first or fifth baby, you already know how quickly they grow. After ten long maternity months, you finally meet your little baby. Then, they are an infant for only a few short days before they gain weight and become a newborn. Throughout that first year with your baby, you excitedly watch them grow while also mourning the loss of how little they used to be. How could they get so big overnight? When will be the last time they do something?

While you are in the midst of adjusting to this new life, it is important to take the time to document your baby while they are little. (Especially in Invermere BC, where there are unlimited beautiful photography locations!)

Maternity Photographer Invermere BC


Photography is the best way to remember your favourite baby phases forever.

Memories quickly fade, but newborn and maternity photography last forever. As the years go by, you can revisit your baby anytime just by pulling out their first-year portraits. Your Mothering heart can rest easy knowing that you have photographs of your baby.


Maternity and Newborn photography are the main portrait sessions that everybody thinks of. They are a celebration of you and the end of this part of your life. Then newborn photography is obviously the celebration of the arrival of your new baby.

But what about the rest of the year?

The first year with your baby is all about change. Your baby quickly grows from an infant, to a newborn, to a one-year-old. It’s incredible how fast a year goes by. After newborn and maternity photography, there are many more important milestones that you will want to remember.


The best way to remember each phase is with The Baby Photography Plan, which is also available to anyone in Invermere BC.

The Baby Photography Plan is portraits of your baby from Maternity to One-Year-Old, with the option to include Birth Photography as an add-on. Together, we will create beautiful baby photography that documents their entire first year of life. With photography sessions at each important milestone, you will have their first year perfectly preserved forever.

Of course, you can select single photography sessions (you don’t have to book the entire year). However, most of my Client’s fall in love with the idea of having their baby photographed throughout the year. With the Baby Photography Plan, you guarantee that you will never forget anything about your baby.


That’s 100% normal. If you are nervous being in front of the camera, then lifestyle photography is for you.

Even the most camera shy people find that they can relax and be themselves. I take pride in my ability to help my clients feel comfortable. We will create newborn photography that truly speaks to your story.

For example, my newborn photography sessions usually take place outdoors in a beautiful mountain scene or indoors at your home. During a typical photography session, we spend time together sharing stories and moving around. I guide you into beautiful light and help you create candid portraits.

Maternity Photography in Invermere BC


As your maternity and newborn photographer, I am not going to leave you to figure out what to do with your portraits afterward. We are going to create the maternity and newborn portraits of your dreams. Then, I will do all of the design and printing for you. What this means is that once your photographs are created, we will also display them.

My goal for you is to have beautiful maternity and newborn photography to document this phase of your life… then to have them printed to bring you happiness every single day.

When you are up feeding your baby in the middle of the night. Or you rush out the door to an appointment. When life is getting hard. Your printed portraits are there to remind you why you did this in the first place. The people you love most in the world will be up on the wall. There to remind you of your love.


In general, I spend the entire year with my Clients and their babies. Therefore, my year books up very quickly.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. As a newborn and maternity photographer, I suggest the following:

Maternity photography is suggested around 30-32 weeks.

Newborn photography is suggested around 2-4 weeks.

There is also the option to add Birth Photography or a Fresh 48 portrait session, if you are interested.

Our first step together will be to talk about your newborn/maternity photography, and then decide if you are interested in other photography sessions after that. My photography business is located in Golden BC, just 1.5 hours North of Invermere. I frequently travel to Invermere BC and can very likely accommodate you!



Hi there, my name is Jena. I am a Professional Photographer in Golden British-Columbia, just 1.5 hours North of Invermere BC. 

When I am not being a Photographer, I can be found spending time in our garden, at the park with our dog Murphy, and biking/skiing The Rocky Mountains.

Gardening tips and newborn photography inquiries are accepted equally. Thanks for being here, I can’t wait to hear from you.