Are you wondering what to dress your baby in for their photos? Here are a few simple guidelines to get you started:


The photos we create are meant to last a lifetime. When selecting your baby’s photo outfit, choose something that will still look great years from now. Think simple, neutral, soft and good quality fabrics.

Neutral Colours, Earth Tones, Solids + Patterns

Anything that is a solid colour, has light pattern, is an earth tone or is neutral colour will be perfect. Pick out one or two outfits that you love and that you know won’t fit them for very long.

If you are doing the rest of The Baby Photography Plan, there will be plenty of opportunity for other outfit ideas.

Avoid: Sayings and Graphic T’s

Little baby t’s with sayings on them are so cute, but let’s save them for a different occasion. The photos we take together are meant to be timeless and still look great in ten years. By that time, the sayings will be outdated or won’t make sense.

We want you and your baby to be the focus of the image. Text and logos are distracting to our eyes and brain because that’s what they are naturally drawn to.

Avoid: Neon Colours

Neon and highlighter colours never photograph well. The colour is too saturated and is unpleasing to the eye. In addition, neons are so bright that they tend to reflect onto your baby’s skin, giving them strange coloured patches on your neck and arms/hands.

Avoid: Current Trends

We all know that trends come and go very quickly. What’s cute one year will be outdated the next. Like I mentioned before, we want your portraits to be timeless and a true representation of who you are. Generally, when we look back on a fast-trend, we can easily see that we weren’t really being true to ourselves. Being yourself never fails.

Alternative: Naked or Diaper Photos

Naked or diaper baby photos are always a great idea. Their soft skin and baby rolls don’t last forever, so it’s a great idea to photograph them.

Many parents choose to do a combination of outfits and naked baby portraits.