As of May 21st, Jena Lee Photographs is open again for Family Portraits, The Baby Photography Plan, and limited Birth Photography. Please take a few moments to read through these guidelines so that everyone can stay as safe as possible. These guidelines will likely be in place for the remainder of 2020 and will be updated on a regular basis.

*Please note that if British-Columbia sees a spike or second-wave of COVID-19, we may be required to postpone portrait sessions until restrictions are lifted again.

Daily Self-Monitoring

I will use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool the day before and the day-of all portrait sessions and will require my clients to do the same. Day before self-assessment is required to assist with scheduling and portrait planning. Day-of self-assessment is required to confirm that everyone continues to feel healthy on the day of their portraits.

If myself or any member of your portrait group feels they have symptoms no matter how mild, it will be required for us to reschedule. There won’t be any rescheduling fees.

Access the online BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool here.

Working Remotely + Video Consultations

All consultations will be moved to online video meetings. This includes your pre-consultation and viewing + ordering appointment. Typically, I love to meet you in person and am excited to get back to that one day. For now, all meetings will be held online until further notice.

I am in the process of creating videos so that you can still get a sense of the quality and aesthetic of the printed products available and will have samples to show you during your appointment.

Cleaning Electronics

Anything that I bring to your portrait session will be sanitized using the hard surface disinfectant guidelines. This includes my camera gear, any additional gear, bags, etc. I have a bottle of hand sanitizer and Lysol bleach wipes in my car for any last minute cleaning.

In general, nobody else would ever be in contact with my gear anyway. This may be minimal, but is something I easily can do to add another layer of protection for everyone, just in case.


For outdoor portrait sessions, it will be up to my clients if they would prefer for me to wear a mask or not. I own a non-medical cloth mask that would be washed between sessions and not removed or touched during the photo session.

For indoor portrait sessions, I will wear a non-medical mask if requested.

For the people having their portrait taken, they cannot wear a mask and should not be taking one off and on between photos. Please review Canada’s mask guidelines here.

Hand-Washing and Sanitizer

My hands will be washed just before leaving my home and then sanitized again before your portrait session. All of my gear will be pre-sanitized. If I enter your home, I will continually wash my hands as necessary throughout your photo time.

I ask that my clients also wash their hands before leaving their home and sanitize as much as possible.

Hand-washing is more effective when we are conscious of not touching our face. We have all learned how difficult this can be! I will do my best to not touch my face and to use hand sanitizer when necessary. I ask that all my clients do the same.

No Rescheduling Fees

If an online meeting or in-person portrait session needs to be rescheduled for any reasons relating to COVID-19, there will be no rescheduling fees.

Please know that no matter how mild your symptoms are or if you are unsure if you have symptoms, I am more than happy to reschedule. It’s more important to keep everyone healthy.

Remind Children About Social Distancing

This one is hard for me. For many of the families I work with, we have become friends and I enjoy seeing your babies grow up into children each year. Normally there are hugs exchanged as we all reconnect. I love to hold your babies, to admire how big they’re getting, and to play games with them. For now, we will have to stay apart to keep each other safe.

Please remind your children about social distancing beforehand in whatever way works best for your family.

Alberta Portrait Sessions

Non-essential travel between the British-Columbia and Alberta border is not recommended. This will be worked out on a case by case basis with each family.

For my current AB clients, if you’d rather postpone your family or baby photos, any credit you have pre-purchased will simply be transferred to a future portrait session. If we feel that it is safe for me to come to AB for your portraits, I will pack my own food/supplies and fill up on gas in Golden to minimize any stops.

If you are looking for a photographer in Alberta let me know and I can recommend my colleagues to you.

Outdoor Portrait Sessions

During the Spring, Summer and Fall months we can take advantage of the beautiful weather for outdoor portrait sessions. Living in Golden BC, we are lucky to be surrounded by mountains and nature. Many families choose to do outdoor portrait sessions during this time anway.

During your photo session, we will drive separately to your location and I will maintain the recommended 2m from your family throughout the session. I have longer camera lenses so we can still create beautiful close up portraits while maintaining our distance. For parents, I will have to get you to do any of the adjusting (clothes/posing) for your children that I would normally do in order to maintain social distancing.

Indoor Portrait Sessions

Indoor portrait sessions are more typical for families with newborns and during the colder months. I am still offering indoor portrait sessions at this time if that is what you prefer for your photos. We will have to do a bit more pre-planning and coordinating to make a plan that we are both comfortable with. For parents, I will have to get you to do any of the adjusting (clothes/posing) for your children that I would normally do in order to maintain social distancing.

Indoor portraits are beautiful, please don’t feel like you need to shy away from them at this time if they are what you truly want.

*Please note that indoor portrait sessions may not be able to be offered for immunocompromised families at this time. If this describes your family, let me know so we can communicate about this.


Indoor and outdoor Family Portraits will happen as usual with the modifications listed above to keep everyone safe during COVID-19. An action and safety plan will be discussed with each family during their video pre-consultation.


Indoor and outdoor Baby Photography Plan sessions will happen as usual with the modifications listed above to keep everyone safe. An action plan will be discussed with each family during their video pre-consultation.

Special note on Fresh 48 portraits: Fresh 48 portraits are baby/family photos within the first forty-eight hours after birth. The majority of these portraits happen at the hospital, with the exception of home births. Many parents love these sessions to document how small their baby is and their children meeting for the first time.

Currently, Fresh 48 portraits can only be offered at your home (not at the hospital). We will plan to take them as soon as possible after you return home. I have a great feeling about these modified Fresh 48 sessions and know they will still be as beautiful as ever.


As we know, the rules are changing so quickly as COVID-19 progresses.

HOSPITAL BIRTHS: Currently, labouring parents are only allowed one person to enter the hospital with them. This can be me, but it is usually your support person. You can still book birth photography for your hospital birth. If the rules are still in place on your due date, we can do a Coming Home Series or transfer your balance to baby photos instead. Please inquire for details about this.

HOME BIRTHS: I am currently allowed to attend home births and a safety plan will be made with each client. If a hospital transfer is required during your home birth please note that it is unlikely I will be able to enter the hospital with you.

Read British-Columbia’s Pregnancy Guidelines here.


If there is something here that you have questions about or want to speak about your unique situation, let’s talk about it.

Even though our world looks different right now, your memories are still worth being photographed. These important milestones continue on, pandemic or not. Your future self will be grateful that you still took the time to document this part of your life. I am always open to making sure you feel comfortable and creating portraits that you love. Please get in touch with any custom requests.


British-Columbia’s Go Forward COVID-19 Strategy Checklist for Businesses: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/public-safety-and-emergency-services/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/gdx/go_forward_strategy_checklist_web.pdf

British-Columbia’s Guide for Admission and Hospital Management for Pregnant Individuals who are Confirmed/Suspected Case for COVID-19: http://www.bccdc.ca/Health-Professionals-Site/Documents/Pregnancy-COVID19-Hospital-Admission-Treatment.pdf

Non-Medical Masks Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/prevention-risks/about-non-medical-masks-face-coverings.html

BC Online COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool: https://bc.thrive.health/