Birth photography is for anybody who wants their birth experience photographed in a professional and artistic way. Birth photography is inclusive of all people, families, and types of birth. It’s available for vaginal, c-section, hospital, home and every other type of birth. Lots of families book birth photography for surrogacy and adoption stories.

How does being on call work?

At your 38 week mark, I will begin my ‘on-call’ time for you. This means that I stay close to town and am ready to arrive at your birth as soon as possible. For me, ‘being ready’ means being able to arrive as quickly as possible, in a state of well-being, with the appropriate energy for your space.

We will keep in touch while you are in early labour, then I will arrive to start photographing once you are in active labour.

What if I go into labour in the middle of the night?

Included with your booking is having me on call 24/7. This means that I am ready to arrive at your birth as soon as possible, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Won’t it be uncomfortable to have a stranger in the room?

Maybe, but we won’t be strangers. Before we book anything we have to make sure we are on the same page and are the right fit for each other. We have to both agree that we would love to work together … I don’t let just anyone call me in the middle of the night!

What if I have a precipitous [fast] birth?

I can likely get there very quickly, but if you have an extremely fast birth I will come to your place of birth as soon as reasonably possible after notification in order to document the moments after delivery.  

Precipitous births happen occasionally and are nobody’s fault. I will document your birth story – in this case – a fast and unpredictable birth.

What if you miss my birth?

This is rare, but it unfortunately happens sometimes. In this case, any amount that you paid for your birth photography [minus the retainer or any amount paid to a back up photographer] would be transferred to a baby photo session instead [newborn, milestone photos etc.]

What if I have to have an emergency c-section?

If you have to have an emergency c-section, they usually only allow one person to enter the operating room with you, which is typically your support person. I can send my camera in the OR with them or continue to document your birth afterward. There are still plenty of moments to document outside of the OR.

What about COVID-19?

As you know, the rules are constantly changing. If you book birth photography and are having a hospital birth it’s impossible to know what the covid-19 rules at that time will be. If I am not allowed to enter the hospital with you, your balance paid can go toward a Coming Home series or a future baby photo session [newborn, milestone …]

I am currently allowed to attend home births.

Can I request modest birth photos?

Yes! You are in control of what is documented and you can request to have certain photos or not. At your pre-consultation we will talk more about this, look at example galleries and determine what you are comfortable with.

Will my images be shared online?

Only if you give permission for them to be. Birth photography is an intimate experience and you are welcome to keep the images private. You are also welcome to share them with the world if that empowers you. It’s up to you.

Do parents regret not booking birth photography?

Yes, all the time. It hurts my heart when parents tell me they didn’t know it was an option or they thought they would remember everything more clearly. My friend wrote a lovely piece about how she wishes she booked a birth photographer, you can read that on this page.

What if I don’t like my images?

I always have a guarantee that if you don’t like your birth photos, your balance paid can be transferred to baby photos instead or I will completely refund you.

My experience is that parents who are hesitant about birth photography end up completely falling in love with their photos and couldn’t imagine not having them.

What if I have a traumatic birth?

I wish you the most positive and empowering experience possible. However, if you have a traumatic birth I will archive your images until you are ready to view them. Sometimes a documentary series of images can help parents process trauma.

What is the cost?

Birth photography starts at $1900 +. This includes your pre-consultation, my on call time from 38 weeks until your birth, complete photo coverage throughout your birth [with no time limit] until one hour postpartum, and your post-consultation.

There is a $500 retainer due for booking and the remaining balance is due at 37 weeks. You are welcome to make payments throughout your pregnancy.

When should I book?

You can book a birth photographer at any time during your pregnancy. Sometimes I make a joke that once you finally get that BPF, you should call your person and then call your birth photographer.

The earlier you book birth photography, the more time we have to get to know each other and the more I can guarantee my availability to work with you.




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