When you book a birth photographer, you're actually getting so much more.

When you hire a birth photographer, you get so much more than you think. Here are six surprising reasons to help you decide if you should hire a birth photographer:

Memories Fade Faster Than We Think They Will

We always think we will remember things, then one day we realize we have forgotten most of the details. Especially when it comes to highly emotional experiences.

For example, I knew that when we got married we would book a wedding photographer… because I am a photographer and who doesn’t hire one for their wedding these days? However, I also thought that I would remember more about our wedding day and did not think too much about how meaningful it would be in the years to come.

It’s only been a year since our wedding and even though I knew I would want to look back on these photos … I did not fully, deeply, emotionally understand how important they would become to me. So much has changed in one short year already, I am so thankful that we have photos to look back on.

The same thing is true for birth, sometimes while we are living in a phase of life it’s hard to understand how important it is or how much we will want to look back on it later on in life.

Hiring A Birth Photographer Let’s Your Partner be Fully Present For You

When you hire a birth photographer, you are also giving your partner the gift being able to be fully present for you. They don’t need to worry about taking photos for you — especially if you have a c-section. Having a birth photographer means that you can delegate the photos you want to a professional and let your partner do what they are good at, which is supporting you.

Birth Photographers are professionals when it comes to bad or dark lighting

More often than not, births happen in the middle of the night when it’s dark, or under hospital lighting. Dark or harsh light is where phone cameras tend to fail, unfortunately. It would be devastating to discover this during your birth and then be disappointed afterward.

Luckily, birth photographers have a professional knowledge of how to work with this sort of light and have high-quality equipment that can handle even the darkest rooms. If you go into labour in the middle of the night, you can still expect properly exposed and high quality photographs from your birth photographer.

Birth photographers are also professionals in your birth space

This might be your first birth, but it is not ours.

Birth photographers know how to interact with the doctors and nurses, we know where to be and when, and we understand that it’s important for us to show up with the appropriate mindset and energy for your space.

Professional + Artistic Photos That Will Last Forever

You are delegating photos of your birth to a professional so that you are guaranteed to have high-quality and artistic images forever.

Hiring a birth photographer means that you have somebody who is thinking about everything you need to help you remember the day, somebody who is documenting the reactions/emotions in the room, and who will deliver a beautiful gallery of images to you.

Birth Photography Is The Best Post Partum Gift

Exactly like getting your wedding photos back.

Another personal wedding example from me is that after all the festivities were over and my new husband went back to work … I was super bummed out. This happens to me often when there are big life events, with lots of build up, and everything is very exciting … I typically get pretty sad when everything is over. I know this about myself and know how to take care.

Looking forward to getting our wedding photos back helped me through that and softened the blow in a way, because I knew there was one more thing coming. Something I could keep and enjoy forever.

I believe that when you are a few months in, and you’re up for a feed in the middle of the night, photos of how excited you were about your baby’s arrival might be a helpful thing. Or when they start their first day of Kindergarten and you are wondering where your baby went. Or when they are old enough to ask about their arrival into your world, you can show them exactly how much it meant to you.

My guarantee

If you are still on the fence or unsure if birth photography is for you, that’s ok. It is growing in popularity, but birth photography is not something you see very often, I understand why it might be hard to picture for yourself.

For this reason, when parents aren’t sure what they should do, I tell them about my guarantee. If you book birth photography and you truly are unhappy with your images, you will get a full credit towards newborn / baby photography, or a full refund.

This has yet to happen though, and anybody who was ever unsure about birth photography always ends up being so happy and thankful they did it.

You can read more about BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY here. If you have more questions or want to submit an inquiry, YOU CAN DO SO HERE. I would love to hear from you.