How to afford birth photography and a doula? We all know that baby expenses can add up. While we can't always get everything we want, we can prioritize a few important things. In this article, Jena Lee Photographs and Kat Miller / High Tide Birth Support share some ways to help you afford birth photography and doula services.


Maybe the question to ask is, can you afford not to have a birth photographer / doula? Firstly, we are strong believers that when you invest in these services they are actually an investment in yourself. Your baby will quickly outgrow the onesies you receive, but the support services you chose will have a lasting impact. For these reasons, we think that doing your best to afford birth photography and doula services will be worth it in the long run. Furthermore, these are two experience that will last you a lifetime and potentially help you during postpartum.


Hiring a birth support doula comes with many mental and physical health benefits. For example, birthing people who hire a doula have a lower c-section rate. Similarly, they also report a greater sense of support during their your birth. There are other great reasons to hire a birth support doula outside of the delivery room too. For instance our local doula in Golden BC — Kat Miller — also offers fertility, postpartum, pregnancy + infant loss, and childbirth education support. You can read more about High Tide Birth Support in Golden BC here.


Having professional photography of your birth story also comes with benefits. Hiring a birth photographer can be an especially great gift to yourself, your partner and your baby. Firstly, after delivering your baby you will likely be exhausted emotionally and physically. It is likely that taking photos of the experience the last thing on your mind. However, your future self might want to look back on this experience. Having birth photography photos is helpful to help you process the experience, remember details, share with your doctors/midwife, and more. Many parents explain that hiring a birth photographer was the ultimate postpartum gift to themselves.

Birth photography is inclusive of all types of birth and is definitely a service to consider for yourself. When you hire a birth photographer, you get so much more than you think. Make sure to read my article six surprising reasons to help you decide if you should hire a birth photographer.


Set Up A Custom Payment Plan

You can break your balance up into smaller payments throughout your pregnancy. For both myself and Kat, we require a deposit to secure your spot in our calendars. From there, we are both open to creating any sort of payment plan that suits you, with the complete balance due at 37 weeks. Kat also has a special sliding scale payment system to make her doula services as accessible as possible, please contact her directly for more information.

Add Birth Photography + Doula Support Services to Your Gift Registry

In my experience, sometimes family and friends don't know what kind of gift to get a new parent. Most people often default to cute onesies and blankets. A great way to help them help you is to let them know that you want to book a birth doula and a photographer for yourself. Your friends and family can contribute any amount in gift cards toward your services.

Sell Things Around Your Home You No Longer Use or Need

Since you are likely already going through your things and getting your space ready for a new baby, consider selling some stuff that you no longer use. The extra cash can go toward your doula + birth photographer fund, plus you will have a nicely decluttered space for yourself.

Ask About A Service Exchange

We both agree that a service exchange is a great alternative to monetary payments. For example, I have done a photography for haircut exchange before. If you have any skills or services you can offer, there is no harm in asking if your birth photographer or doula is open to exchanges. Myself and Kat are more than open to exchanges of similar value, just ask!

Jena Lee Photographs (Jena Mathews) and High Tide Birth Support (Kat Miller) are both birth support services based in Golden British-Columbia, and often work in the surrounding areas as well. If you have any questions about birth photography you can read my FAQ here. If you want to know more about birth support and doula services, Kat answers all of her birth support FAQ here for you. Please get in touch with any questions or for booking.


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