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Banff Family Photography

Having a backdrop such as Banff National Park for a family photo session will never get old. For this session, we were not at a particularly popular site, yet the views were still incredible. No matter where you go in Banff, you are guaranteed beautiful scenery. This grassy field with views of Cascade and Rundle set the scene for the perfect family photography session.

From the eldest sibling’s helpful hand to the youngest one’s silly giggles, each of the seven kids brought a unique personality to the session. Witnessing the kids work together as a team was an absolute joy. I guess you have to know how to work together when you have so many siblings. I will never forget my phone call with their mother and her making sure that I would be ok to photograph such a large group. To be honest, I had never worked with a family that large before but would do it again in a second.

Tips for Large Family Photography Sessions

For those considering a family photo session with a large brood, here are a few tips to help keep the process enjoyable:

— Coordinate outfits but let everyone be comfortable: Start with the hardest person in your family to dress and then build everyone else’s outfits out from there. Choose pieces within the same 2-4 colour ranges for a cohesive look.

— Schedule your family photography session during a time when most of the kids are happy. In my experience, this is usually the morning.

— Bring snacks and water: we will often take a break during our photo session to let everyone relax and have a drink and a snack. Usually, the photos after this break end up being favourites. Everyone seems to be more relaxed after a pause and a snack.

Lifestyle Family Photography

What makes lifestyle family photography truly magical is capturing those candid, unscripted moments. Whether it was the inside jokes between siblings or trying to make the baby laugh, these moments became the heart of our session. My goal is always to create a space that lets everyone be themselves and to photograph that.

At first, we let the kids run around to burn off their energy, then focused on various group photos… and all of the sweet moments in between. Which is a lot when you are working with seven kids! As the sun started to rise over Banff, we finished off our family photography session as the rest of the world woke up.

Book Your Own Banff Family Photography Session

In conclusion, capturing this family adventure in Banff was so lovely. It makes me want to photograph more families with lots of kids. If you’re envisioning your own Banff family photography session, I’d love to be your photographer. Let’s chat about scheduling your family photos and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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