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April Hards, C-Section Birth

Birth photos are a necessity. If you are expecting, please get birth photos. They are magic, priceless and they will make your soul smile like never before. Now that our Baby Photography Plan year is complete, I am most happy we got the birth photos. Without birth photos, I would have missed the very first moment of my son’s first cry since I had a C-Section and was behind the drape. I am so thankful there is a photo of that moment for me. Definitely do it, Jena will take fabulous care of you.




Birth photography is documentary photo coverage of your birth from active labour, through delivery and up to one hour postpartum. It is available for all birth locations including hospitals, delivery centres and homes. Birth photography is inclusive of all types of parents, relationships, genders and people.


Birth photography documents your incredible ability to bring life into this world. It is for you to relive one of your greatest accomplishments and to see your strongest self.

A lot of people’s immediate reaction is that birth photography might be too graphic and too uncomfortable, but that is not the case at all. While I will be present in your birth space, a lot of information is exchanged and connection is established beforehand. For me to attend such an intimate experience as your birth, it is extremely important that we share a good energy and connection before working together.


Birth photography is inclusive of all types of people and whatever birth experience they choose. It is for people who want to remember this experience in detail because they know memories fade. Birth photography is for families who want to share with their child how they came into the world. Sometimes birth photography is for people who’s family can’t be there and it is a way to share the experience.


As your birth photographer I am on call for you from 38 weeks until delivery. I will show up to your birth during active labour and stay up to one hour postpartum.

I do guarantee minimum two hours of birth story photography coverage, but there is no time limit. My goal is to allow you to have your birth space and experience exactly as you want it, while I document it in an unobtrusive way. It is important to me to bring the right energy to your space when I arrive and to not center myself in your experience.


A session fee is required to book birth photography. From there, the digital and printed photos are sold separately. I have it set up this way so that each family can customize their birth photography package to exactly what they are looking for.

Some families prefer just a few images of certain special moments and other families want me to document the entire experience. There is the option to get your photos in a digital gallery, as prints, in an album or any combination. Included with your booking is a pre-consultation where I will walk you through the different options to help you figure out what is right for you.

Many families set up pre-payment plans to make birth photography more affordable, please get in touch for the full pricing and details.


If you aren’t completely sold on birth photography, Fresh 48 portraits might be a good alternative for you.

Fresh 48 sessions are portraits within the first forty-eight hours after birth. You are welcome to be in them or we can just focus on the baby. Lots of families do a combination of both.

These photo sessions are a great way to photograph important baby details and the emotions following birth. I respect that you will be exhausted and getting to know your baby, so Fresh 48 sessions are kept short and sweet. The best time for me to arrive is shortly after birth or the following morning and they take anywhere from 20-60 minutes depending on several factors.


Once you are reading this and if you are at all interested in birth photography or a Fresh 48 session, I recommend getting in touch.

It is important that we are a great fit for each other, are comfortable together and trust each other. Our experience begins with a phone consultation where you can tell me about your story so far and we can connect. From there I will answer all of your questions and go over how birth photography works.

Many families I work with want to set up a pre-payment plan, so the earlier you get in touch the most flexible this can be.

I also have a Baby Photography Plan which photographs families throughout their first year with their baby. Since I see my clients several times a year, my calendar tends to fill up extremely quickly. Again, the earlier we connect the more I can guarantee my availability for your birth.