If you are thinking about booking a birth photographer, be sure to read this guide by Jena Lee Photographs. From explaining what birth photography is to when you should reach out to one, here is everything you need to know.

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What is birth photography?

Before booking a birth photographer you might be wondering, what is birth photography? Birth photography is documentary photography of your birth experience. It's professional and artistic photos during your labour, through delivery and then some postpartum time. Birth photography is inclusive of all types of birth and is meant to help you remember the details of your baby's birth day.

It's ok if you are surprised to hear that birth photography is even a thing. While some parents are shocked at the idea of a birth photographer in the delivery room with them, others couldn't imagine not having these photos. Birth photography is so much more than the graphic and unpleasant imagery people first imagine. Not to say that birth can't be intense, but there are lots of beautiful moments that you will want to remember. Parents book a birth photographer to document many things. For example, your partner's support and reactions, your own strength, details about your baby, your baby's first moments of life and more. Here is another really good article that interviews one parent about why she wanted to hire a birth photographer.

When Should I Book A Birth Photographer?

Booking a birth photographer during the second trimester is recommended.

Advanced booking is recommended since most birth photographers can only take on so many clients per month. Since being on call and birth work in general is demanding physically and emotionally, most birth photographers only work with 3-5 clients each month. You can book a birth photographer at any time in your pregnancy, but the earlier you get in touch the more chance you have of them being available for you.

Make sure your doctor is comfortable with a birth photographer

Here at Jena Lee Photographs, it is up to my clients to make sure that their doctor is ok with me attending their birth. Of course I work hard to maintain a great reputation with the doctor's and nurses too. It is important to me that I am not in their way or overstepping my place in the room. Since birth photography is becoming more and more popular, doctor's are usually fine with you hiring a birth photographer. However, never assume that is the case and always ask. It is generally best to make a plan with them early on instead of last minute.

How To Book a birth photographer?

The process for booking a birth photographer first beings with deciding if you want one. It is a big decision to allow a photographer into your birth space! Try asking friends or colleagues if they hired one and if they recommend it. You can also reach out to local birth photographers so they can answer your questions. Always make sure to meet with or have a phone consultation with a birth photographer before booking. This is important so that you can make sure you are comfortable together and on the same page about things.

From there, your birth photographer will usually take a deposit to confirm your booking. Most photographers will allow you to make smaller payments throughout your pregnancy if you need to. They should give you all the information you need to feel prepared for your experience together. You should know what to expect from them and what they need from you.

Generally, most birth photographers will go on call for you starting anywhere from 36-38 weeks. They will continue to be on call for you until the day your baby is born. it is important that you know at what stage of labour they want you to call them so that they can arrive on time for you.

Overall though, every photographer will be different and have different expectations. This is why it's important to meet with them first and find a birth photographer whose personality and photo style you love.

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