Caffeine free drinks have never been on my radar. Death before decaf was my motto. That is until this year when I had to switch to a caffeine free lifestyle for health reasons. As a dedicated coffee addict, this was devastating news. My heart was saying I love coffee, but my body was saying please stop putting that sh*t in me.

So here I am, two months caffeine free and doing just fine. Since many of the families I photograph are also caffeine free for their pregnancy journey, I want to share a few drink ideas that helped me make the switch.

Two women enjoying caffeine free drinks outside by a river during the winter

Here are six caffeine free drink ideas you can try today:

Homemade Caffeine Free Chai

Traditionally, chai is made with black tea and is not caffeine free. However, if you make it yourself at home you can come up with a blend that tastes very close to the real thing. Personally, I have made a few chai recipes with caffeine free black tea and without any tea at all. Both have been really good!

My neighbour shared with me that she makes a big pot and sips on it throughout the week. I borrowed this idea so that I could easily warm up a cup in the mornings. At first it was helpful to keep things as easy as possible. If you are like me, the switch to caffeine free drinks can be rough initially.

Bone Broth

A big mug of bone broth is a great caffeine free drink that is also really good for you. Bone broth comes with many benefits as it contains vitamins and minerals, amino acids, is hydrating, and supports a healthy gut. For me, bone broth was a favourite choice while I transitioned into caffeine free drinks since it is so flavourful and hearty. In the mornings I found bone broth to be a pleasantly warm and satiating drink option.

Similarly to chai, my husband and I normally make a large stock pot of bone broth to sip on throughout the week. Usually there is enough left over for us to preserve some in the freezer for future use.

Caffeine Free Herbal Teas

If you are a gardener like me, consider planting some herbs for tea! Not only are herbs great for making custom tea flavours with, but they grow very easily and will make you feel like an expert gardener. My favourite herbal teas are peppermint and dandelion root, both of which grow abundantly where I live. To grow and brew your own caffeine free drink can be an empowering feeling.

The alternative to growing your own tea herbs is to purchase them at the store. These days it is super easy to find a variety of caffeine free herbal tea options.


The Blume blends have been my absolute favourite caffeine free drink so far. Since I photograph many people who are also on a caffeine free journey throughout their pregnancy, Blume came highly recommended. I really enjoy their packaging and flavour variety, but what I love the very most is the detailed nutritional info. As somebody who has to be strictly zero caffeine and has many other allergies, I appreciate a detailed label.

Right now I am drinking their reishi hot cacao and the beetroot blend, both are absolutely delicious.

Turmeric Golden Milk Latte

If you are in the mood for an earthy and sweet caffeine free drink that also comes with health benefits, try a turmeric golden latte. Lately I enjoy the Harmonic Arts Golden Mylk blend, but you can also make your own.

Decaf Coffee

I can’t believe I am writing this, but for me decaf coffee has been on my list of caffeine free drinks. I genuinely love the taste of coffee and there is nothing quite like it, so now I drink decaf.

My husband (who also decided to cut back on caffeine) and I found that not all decaf coffee is created equally. Many times we have been disappointed by the lack of flavour and robustness. However, there are some great decaf coffee options packed with flavour, you will have to shop around a bit first.

What are your favourite caffeine free drinks?

I am always on the hunt for new caffeine free drink options to try out! If there is a drink that you love lately, share it below so myself and others can try it out too.

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