Category: Fresh 48

Fresh 48 baby photography sessions are taken within the first 48 hours after Birth. It is a special time of getting to know your new baby and introducing them to the family. Specifically, Fresh 48 sessions are meant to capture your baby at their tiniest selves. Considering that from this point forward they will continue to grow up, these baby photo sessions are truly important.

First, after your baby is born, get in touch and I will come to you. It is my intention to capture your first hours together and to take portraits of your new little baby. It is important to do these portraits within the first 48 hours earthside. In my experience, the first 48 hours are a time of relief, excitement, and love. There are many emotions in the room and that is what makes Fresh 48 baby portraits so special.

Fresh 48 sessions are part of the overall Your Baby’s First Year package and are included complimentary with Birth Photography.