Tuesday Thinklings.

When I put the turmeric in the fridge and the coconut milk in the cupboard this morning, I knew that after an incredibly productive week and weekend, it was time for a day at home.

Radio off. Phone off. Tea kettle on. Lists of everything that needs to be done get written out so the unlimited tasks can stop swirling around in my head and live on paper instead. My workspace and house get organized. Everything gets put away. The plants get watered. I make sure to take a few minutes to admire our garden and to watch the quiet street outside the window. I enjoy the fresh green leaves finally erupting and I take in the peacefulness of a morning after a Spring rain.

Listen to yourself and give your soul what it needs.

By taking care of yourself, you take care of your partner, your neighbor, your family.



Blooming — My Artistic Journey with The Unraveled Academy

As with anything, it is important to continually further your education and to rehearse your skills…

This Spring, I have been participating in a three-week online workshop with The Unraveled Academy. For our second week of the course, we were given a series of questions to answer and then challenged to dream up and style a masterpiece photoshoot, just for ourselves.

Here is my submission for the Becoming Unraveled Workshop and the answers to my questions. My inspiration was to be truly honest. I ask my clients to do this for me all of the time, so I should have to do it too.

If I dug deep, I already knew what being truly honest was for me. Before I knew it, I had foraged a small bouquet and was visiting my Dad’s headstone, for the first time at my own will.

Self-Portraits, for Dad.


Why are you an Artist?

I think that I have an open mind and heart that accepts all kinds of people and their circumstances. I like to think that others can sense this about me and feel like they can be open to sharing their story. Sometimes I think too much about all of the bad things happening in the world and working with people helps me feel like I am doing something to make it a better place (or at least more kind and more accepting of diversity place) … one photo shoot at a time. 

Why do you create art?

It feels good to create something with someone. A portrait session is a special occasion where people get to share their true selves. We have created a space where it is ok to be open and explore whatever emotions come up. Sometimes people need something that is fun and silly and sometimes they turn out more serious, it’s never the same.

Who or what is part of your dream photoshoot?

Somebody with a story close to their heart that wants to use Photography to explore/validate it. 

Where will this happen?

A meaningful space for them, either in their home or outside somewhere that resonates with them.

What kind of connections are you hoping to make?

I hope they can forget I am there taking their photo and that they turn inside to feel their feelings or to enjoy themselves. Or they use a photo session to connect with somebody they love, like friends, a partner, or their family. 



Your Baby’s First Year — Jena Lee Photographs, Golden B.C.

Select three or more occasions to document you and your baby’s first year together.

As a new parent, you already have a million things and questions running through your brain. Learning how to breastfeed or wondering about bottle feeding, being unsure of how much crying is within normal, adding up the few hours you slept last night, trying to figure out if you have ever loved anything so much before …


Before you know it, you will be feeding them with ease, getting into the swing of things, and sharing your experiences with other new parents. Before you know it, a year will go by and they will start walking and talking. Then you will have a toddler, a child, a teenager, and you will lovingly hold on to the sweet distant memories of them squeezing your finger with their tiny hand. 

Jena Lee Photographs wants to help you preserve your favourite moments together forever and is pleased to introduce Your Baby’s First Year photography bundles. Available photography sessions include Maternity, Fresh 48 (first 48 hours of life), Newborn, 3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month, and One Year Birthday. 

Available sessions include: Maternity – Fresh 48 – 3 Month – 6 Month – 9 Month – One Year Birthday


Always remember your first moments with a Fresh 48 session and capture their growing personality with lifestyle photography throughout the year. You can build an heirloom album, a custom coffee table book, or a signature wall collage to display your photographs and enjoy them forever.

Jena Lee Photographs is located in Golden BC and also serves Invermere, Banff, and Canmore areas. Get in touch for more information about Your Baby’s First Year bundles today.

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The B.C. Wildfires — Your keepsakes and your photographs

Bc wildfires, Jena Lee photographs, mountains, rocky mountain photographers

This week, I can not stop thinking about what I would grab from my home if we were evacuated.

For the first time in 14 years, British Columbia has declared a state of emergency due to the 200+ wildfires across the province. My heart breaks thinking about the families who are forced to leave their homes and who have to decide within minutes what to bring with them. My stomach turns at the thought of having to leave our home.

I am privileged to have never really had to think about where I would go if Golden has to be evacuated. Our sweet little mountain town always seems safe. As I drove through Rogers Pass this weekend, I pictured burning forests and flames rolling over the mountains. I asked my colleague:

“What would you grab if we get evacuated?”

We both had a similar list of things; mine included photo hard drives, photo albums, my cameras, the dog, the cat, my dad’s old sweater. I even thought about bringing all of these things to work with me today, just in case an evacuation was issued and I wasn’t at home (except the cat, he would not have been impressed by this).

These are six out of the hundreds of things in our home, what makes them so meaningful that I would delay leaving a burning area to save them?

Well, the cat and dog are obvious because they are living creatures that I love. My dad’s old sweater is the one thing of his that I kept after he passed away. The hard drives and photo albums are full of memories, frozen moments in time that tell my story here in this life. They are so important that if my hometown, my house, my belongings are all destroyed, I would be thankful to be alive and to have my photos.

The more people I asked, the more it became clear that photographs are one of the first things people think they would grab in an emergency.  Chances are, your list is also very similar to mine: in an emergency, you would grab your keepsakes and your photographs. You would grab the photos that will forever preserve your memories and the people that you love.


Jena Lee Photographs is thinking of the 10 000 residents who have been forced from their homes and everyone who has been affected by the wildfires in British Columbia. I would like to take this opportunity to remember that it is the people around us that are most important in life and am wishing everyone a safe return to their loved ones and homes.

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations. You can text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10 to the Canadian Red Cross BC Fires Appeal.