Photographer Jena Mathews in her office writing a Dubsado Review

Dubsado Review by Jena Lee Photographs

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Dubsado Review + Coupon Code

My honest Dubsado review after years of using the CRM is that it’s a powerful tool I would highly recommend. Over the years, Dubsado has helped me grow my photography business and spend less time on my computer. As is true for all business owners, anything that helps me get more done in less time is worth it to me. In this article I explain what Dubsado / a CRM is, review some of my favourite Dubsado features, and share how it can be useful for photographers specifically.

This post is not sponsored. I am just a huge fan that wanted to provide an honest Dubsado review to anyone considering using it. One great thing that I love about Dubsado is they have an unlimited time, no credit-card required free trial period for your first three projects. If you try it out and love it [which you will], use my affiliate link for 20% off your first month or year.

Photographer Jena Mathews in her office writing a Dubsado Review

My Dubsado Review

As a Photographer, my honest Dubsado review is that I love it. Using this CRM [client relationship management system] has helped me provide a consistent experience for my clients, have great communication, and spend less time on my computer. For example, I only had to dedicated the time to set up detailed emails for my clients once, and now they send automatically. So without me doing a thing, Dubsado sends a well-written, info-packed email to my clients for me automatically. Very often, my photography clients will pick a package, sign their contract and submit payment all on their own. I really like that so much can happen behind the scenes after I set something up once.

What is a CRM?

Dubsado is a business management system, or a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

It takes all of my business to-do’s and puts them in one place. Dubsado combines all of my projects, leads, emails, payments, tasks, and schedules into one online platform. Dubsado organizes and automates everything, so no task is forgotten or left behind. This means that the families I work with feel taken care of and I don’t have to store my to-do list in my head.

Once I finally integrated Dubsado into my business, it felt so good. I immediately saw how it helped me create a better client experience. Even if I am not at the computer, I love that emails are sent and questions are answered. By using custom automations and workflows, I don’t have to constantly check things. I know they are being taken care of for me.

Dubsado For Photographers

I am a birth, baby and family photographer in Golden BC, Canada. Being the only employee at Jena Lee Photographs means that I wear many hats. I outsource as much as I can, but there are lots of things I just have to do myself.

As a one-woman business, I am the marketing team, the web-developer, the social media influencer, the brand ambassador, the book keeper, the financial planner, the content creator, the secretary, the editor … and don’t forget my main purpose, the photographer. Using Dubsado lets me take some of these responsibilities off of my list.

When I started my business I thought I would spend most of my time being a photographer. However I quickly learned that would not be the case. I leared that I actually spend the majority of my time handling business things. Not much of my time is spent actually taking photos. Now that my photography business has grown, using Dubsado has been completely worth it. For me, having an amazing business management system like Dubsado lets a lot of work happen automatically behind the scenes. For this reason, I highly recommend to photography business owners to start using a CRM as soon as possible. Keep your life easy!

My Favourite Dubsado Workflow Features

I chose to use Dubsado because I could customize everything to suit my brand and specific business needs. Set it and forget it is how I like to operate. Some of my favourite things about using Dubsado for my photography business are:


With Dubsado, you can combine a project proposal, contract and invoice together in one nice bundle.

This allows my clients to customize their own photography packages, sign their contract and submit their payment all within the same form. It’s important to me to keep things simple and efficient for my clients because they are often parents with new babies, so time is limited.
Everything is neatly put together and sent in one email instead of three.


Since there are three main sections to my photography business — birth, babies, and families — I set up a custom workflow for each one.

The custom automatic workflows in Dubsado are possibly its strongest feature. Within the workflows, there are specific actions that trigger reactions. For example, when somebody inquires with me, that triggers an immediate welcome email from me. Another example is that once somebody picks a package, it auto populates into their contract and invoice for me.

I even have it set up so that once their invoice is paid, a scheduler is automatically sent for them to book their photo date. All of this happens without me doing anything. Dubsado’s workflows have saved me countless hours of back and forth emails with clients.


As with anything, you have to dedicate some time to setting things up, but the online support and tutorials made it easy.

When I first set up my Dubsado platform, I spent some time reading their blog and watching their tutorial videos. This information was easy to understand and allowed me to set everything up on my own.
Dubsado has a support chat box that has helped me when I have more specific questions, and they regularly host webinar education series to continually learn new tips and tricks.

At first it can seem daunting to set up your own CRM, but my experience starting out with Dubsado was easy.

Dubsado is the perfect CRM for anyone looking for a platform that offers powerful, customizable forms, contracts and workflows. With Dubsado I get more done in less time. I highly recommend it to any other business owner, especially photographers. If you want to try it out they offer an unlimited time free trial for your first three projects. Otherwise, if you are ready to just dive in, use my affiliate code for 20% off your first month or year.