Stunning Family Photos at Emerald Lake Lodge

Emerald Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A visit there is also a great time for a family photography session. With the stunning mountain range and iconic green lake colour, it is an incredible location. It was such a pleasure meeting this family at Emerald Lake for a photo session with their son. During their road trip through the Rocky Mountains, they wanted to update their family photos. We all agreed that Emerald Lake would be the perfect location for their family photography session.

Family Photography at Emerald Lake

At Emerald Lake, there are endless lakeside and mountain view spots for a family photography session. It’s such a great photo location because there is room for small children to explore and there are beautiful views in all directions. This means that we can take a casual stroll around the lake and create beautiful family photography at the same time. Since there are old forests, mountains and lake views, your family photos will have lots of variety and natural scenes. A family photography session at Emerald Lake is a great way to create candid, mountain portraits.

The Miller Family Photos

I met the Miller family on their road trip through the Rocky Mountains. They knew they wanted to update their family photos while on this trip and I recommended Emerald Lake. I live just west of Emerald Lake in Golden BC and photograph families there all the time. Since it’s very easy to get to and incredibly beautiful, it is one of my favourite family photo locations.

We strolled around the lake until we found a quiet little spot for their photos. Once the sun starts to set at Emerald Lake, you can see a beautiful reflection of the mountains in the water. We chatted about their trip and created some beautiful family photography for them. It was a really beautiful evening.

Family Photography at Emerald Lake with Jena Lee Photographs

If you are considering a family photography session and like the images you see here, I would love to hear from you. Family photography sessions with me are always casual and relaxed. My goal is to help you create honest family photography that documents who you truly are. Advanced booking is recommended for all locations, especially Banff during the Summer months. Otherwise, get in touch about last-minute dates, I can’t wait to hear from you.

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