Lifestyle Family Photography

A great lifestyle Family photographer will help you create those candid moments naturally instead of forcing them for the camera

lifestyle Family photography is perfect for any self-proclaimed “awkward” people

Your natural self shows up when you are focused on your loved ones instead of the camera.

kids are engaged and moving around

We get much better results from playing games and laughing with the kiddos rather than asking them to sit still and smile.

Embrace this part of life for what it is

You know that in ten years you are going love looking back on your real life memories, which is exactly what we are going to document.



Life with kids is a full-on rollercoaster of fun, love, cheerios and chaos.

And I will be honest, that’s pretty much how our photo session will go, too (this is a good thing).

In my opinion, those real-life moments are what make for the very best family photographs and that’s what I love to document for people.

During your family photography session, my number one goal is to create space for you to feel all of the love that you have for the people with you and to document just that.

Lifestyle Family Photography Experience

Lifestyle photo sessions with me have a pretty casual feeling to them —

Everyone seems to have a little nervous energy at first — the parents aren’t sure what to expect and the kids are excited to explore a new area. I usually run with this and use more dynamic photo prompts during this time like being silly, playing games, walking around together, etc.

At some point during our photo session, there is an energy shift. The initial adrenaline has worn off and everyone starts to feel more like themselves.

Sometimes there are tears and this is ok — it’s the perfect opportunity for cuddles and to work on more intimate, softer images.

“We had an exceptional experience with jena from start to finish. As a family of four coming in from out of town, she helped with suggestions on what to wear before we even left our home.
She was very patient with girls, a very shy three-year-old and a mobile one-year-old. She captured family photos we only dreamed of having, and the beautiful location she chose was incredible.
We have had family photo sessions before, but this exceeded our expectations by far. We only wish we lived closer to work with her again.”

We will start by Planning A vision for your photo session

We will begin by crafting a personalized plan for your family photo session. Included with your session fee is location scouting, outfit coordination assistance and creating a vision that suits your family perfectly.

We will have all of the details figured out in advance so that your photo session day can be more relaxed.

then you can Enjoy a photo session that leaves you and your family feeling connected

With a keen eye for candid moments and a knack for creating a space where everyone feels comfortable, we’ll guide you through the photo session, ensuring genuine smiles and heartfelt connections.

The goal is to document your genuine connections, creating a gallery of images that tell your family story with authenticity and warmth.

Enjoy your favourite photos in print

A few weeks after your photo session, we will meet again (usually online) to go through your images and select any favourites for print.

Our custom prints and albums become cherished keepsakes that get passed down for generations. After our time together, you will have physical printed photos to hold in your hands, gift to family, and enjoy for years to come.

Don’t let another year pass you by, book your family photography session now

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