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The Usual Q's —

Photo sessions have a casual and comfortable feeling to them. We have already gotten to know each other, done a few video calls together to plan your session in detail, and we all know what to expect.

We spend about an hour at a beautiful location playing with the kids, sharing stories, and having a nice time. I usually keep a casual conversation going and offer you gentle direction here and there.

What is a photo session with you like?

Yes! We will meet once more after your session to go through your images together. At this time I will guide you through the process of selecting your digital and printed images to create your collection.

There are small prints, wall artwork, albums and more beautiful print products for you to chose from.

will you help us with printing and album design?

Lifestyle photography is perfect for kids because we spend more time engaging and playing with them, and less time telling them to sit still and smile. The latter never works out well.

Sessions have a smooth flow to them where we play and explore with the kids, all while creating beautiful images along the way.

I always recommend to set aside two hours in your schedule for our photo session. It rarely takes that long, but sometimes kids need a break and it takes the pressure off knowing there is extra time.

We have definitely paused a photo session for a quick power nap or snack session before.

I'm worried that my kids will not behave...

What about the weather?

A little bit of bad weather is great news for your photo session, actually. Clouds in the sky or a storm on the horizon adds interest to your photos and usually creates softer light (compared to harsh, hot sun). We don't need a perfectly sunny day for great photos.

In general, sessions will go ahead through most weather. however If i feel that the weather will affect the quality of your session we will reschedule to the next morning / evening.

what do we wear?

My most frequently asked question! Included with your booking is loads of information and assistance to help with this. But to get you started, pick 2-4 complimentary colours and try to keep everyones outfit within them.

Begin with the hardest person to dress, pick their outfit first and then build everyone elses around that. Stick to good quality fabrics, neutral colours, and timeless pieces that will still look great for years to come.

grab my free wardrobe guide here.

Can we bring the dog?

Absolutely! Our furry friends are part of the family. They unfortunately don't get to be here with us as long as we would like (ie: forever), so I definitely recommend to bring them along to be part of the family photos.

Just let me know if this is something you would like so that we can plan a location that is suitable for them.

How do I book?

After you complete the contact form, an automatic email will be sent to you that includes a scheduler.

Go ahead and book your free consultation call with me so we can chat about your photos, go over the available collections, and make sure we are a great fit for each other.

I will take your booking and we wil pick out dates over the phone.

It seems like you are really busy, can you accommodate last minute sessions?

My photography business is incredibly busy working with amazing families across BC and alberta, I feel very lucky to do my job.

Sometimes the stars align and I am able to take on last minute requests. Please reach out I would love to hear from you!

i am on a budget, how do I still get great photos?

Payment Plans!!

Most of my clients are heading into maternity leave and have budget on their mind. For this reason, I love to offer my clients very flexible, 0% interest in-house payment plans.

The parents I speak to always say that their newborn photos are the most precious thing they have from babies first 6 months, so it's important to me that I have flexible options so it's accessible for everyone.

Useful Guides to Get Started —

Free pdf checklists and resources

All you'll need to do is sign up with your email address. i love to make the process of working together as easy and comfortable as possible for you. get started by browsing these free guides.

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Let's make sure that in five or ten years from now you will have beautiful candid images to look back on and tell your story. Trust that I will photograph your family with as much care as I do my own.

"We are so glad we did family photos with Jena. Her ease and calming nature lends to an extremely fun and comfortable photo shoot. If I didn't know better I wouldn't have thought there was a camera involved, more like spending time with a friend. The whole experience was natural and easy."

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