As many other families this year, the Fossum family exchanged their regular vacation for something more local. Luckily in Canada, we have no shortage of beautiful landscapes and national parks to explore. They traveled to Banff Alberta for a family getaway and decided to update their family portraits while there.

For anyone who has ever been to Banff, it is an incredible location for family photos. It is a small resort town located in Banff National Park, with a 360 degree view of mountains almost anywhere you go. As a family photographer, it is always a treat for me to work in Banff.

We went to the lookout partway up Mt. Norquay road for their family photography session. They brought their dog and enjoyed each other’s company during sunset to create really candid and natural looking family portraits. During a family photography session, one of my favourite things to do to get everyone to relax and to create those really authentic smiles is to ask “what is your favourite thing about ________ ?” [insert mom, brother, dad].

So many good family stories are shared with this question and each person gets to hear what their family loves most about them. The Fossum family has a really warm, energetic, real family love between them and I enjoyed listening to their stories so much.