Are you looking for gift ideas for the new parents in your life? Dear grandparents, partners, friends, and coworkers, here is an ultimate list of gift ideas that new parents actually want. After years of being a maternity, newborn and birth photographer I have heard from hundreds of new parents about which gift ideas are actually worth giving. From services and food to useful essentials, let me help you find the perfect gift idea for new parents.

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Tip: Before gifting anything to new parents, it is not a bad idea to run your gift idea by them first

This way if they already have it or need something else, they can let you know. Or if you really like one of the following gift ideas, run it by them first to find out what their preferences are. For example, some parents would love a housekeeper to come for the afternoon. On the other hand, some new parents would prefer you to watch the baby so they can do their own cleaning. A quick check in beforehand will help your gift idea reach maximum potential.


Gift ideas for new parents: Babysitting, running errands, snow removal, walk their dog, chats and adult connection

Time is one thing new parents are likely short on. So if you have extra time on your hands, lots of parents say that is one of the best gift ideas ever. There are lots of different ways you can show up for new parents including babysitting, running errands, household tasks, or even just providing adult conversation. Oftentimes new parents feel like the only topics they talk about anymore are milk, poop, and sleep [or lack of]. If they are up for it, try to chat about anything else with them.

Alternatively, maybe they want the gift of time to themselves or time alone with the baby. Offer to do the dishes, clean the bathroom, shovel the driveway, or fold the laundry.


Gift ideas for new parents: Freezer meals, hot meals, grocery cards, restaurant gift cards, delivery, date night

You have probably heard before that when new parents are learning to take care of their new baby, it can be hard to take care of themselves too. To help new parents out, your gift idea could be a hot meal drop off, filling their freezer with snacks / dinners, grocery cards, or babysitting so they can have a night out together.

Again, it is wise to check in with them beforehand. Ask if they have any allergies, what they would prefer, and when is a good time to drop food off. Don't forget that dropping something off doesn't always entitle you to a baby snuggle visit, it might be easier for new parents to have something left at the door.

TIP: I am a big fan of the book The First Forty Days. This is a book about rekindling the lost art of caring for the postpartum parent after birth. It's packed with postpartum information and recipes to help the birthing parent heal.

*I like to use Not to find local bookstores to shop from. Local Golden BC businesses to check out for these gift ideas are Columbia River Catering and Delivery Boy for delivery and any of our amazing restaurants for gift cards.


Gift ideas for new parents: Outfits for the older months, second hand items, seasonal items

Teeny tiny baby clothes are so cute, I know. However they can be an obvious gift that everyone gets new parents. A gift idea to consider is buying them outfits for the older baby months, or even 1-2 years old. A lot of the time babies outgrow their clothes more quickly than parents think they will. Having clothes for the older months makes a perfect gift idea for new parents.

Another present option is to help them source second hand or seasonal items they need. For example, the ever coveted chariots are an all season essential item here in the mountains. But they can be expensive to buy new and hard to find used. Find out if there is anything they are on the lookout for and act as another set of eyes to help them find it.

*Check out our local Golden BC store Bona Fide for great baby + women's clothing


Gift ideas for new parents: Hire local service, do it yourself, babysit for them

For this gift idea, find out what would be the most useful to them first. If you know they are particular, maybe they need someone to watch the baby so they can clean up. On the other hand, gifting them a credit to a local cleaning service or giving their bathroom a quick wipe down would likely be appreciated.

*Shop local Golden BC with a gift credit to Mountain Maid for household cleaning


Gift ideas for new parents: Diapers, wipes, bum cream, medication, emergency supplies

It's like when your mom fills your Christmas stocking with underwear and tooth paste, but the new parent edition. An ultimate fail-proof gift idea for new parents is to stock them up with baby essentials: diapers, bum cream, hypoallergenic soap and lotion, nipple butter, bath salts.

You could even take slightly different approach and stock them up with emergency items such as a digital thermometer, baby advil / tylenol, sunscreen, hand sanitizer or a baby first-aid kit.

*Shop local hypoallergenic natural products at Rocky Mountain Soap Co, Frida Mom / Baby


Gift ideas for new parents: Find local doula services for them, gift card toward services

A doula is a trained worker [not a healthcare professional] who supports another individual through a significant health-related experience, such as childbirth, miscarriage, induced abortion or stillbirth, or non-reproductive experiences such as dying.

Hiring a doula is a great gift idea for new parents that can offer them support during birth or postpartum.

*In Golden BC we have two doulas, High Tide Birth Support and Aspired Birth


Gift ideas for new parents: Print their photos, find list of photographers for them, photography gift card

And finally, my favourite gift idea for new parents: photography

There are a few ways you can gift photography to the new parents in your life. First of all, if they already have maternity / newborn / baby photos they love you can work with a local print shop or photographer to get them printed. This way they can enjoy their favourite baby photos up on the wall.

Alternatively, if you know they are interested in maternity / birth / baby photos you can do the research for them. Finding a photographer can be hard but you can make it easier by creating a list for them to choose from.

Finally, if they are already working with a photographer they love, you can contribute with a gift card. Lots of my clients friends and family do this for the new parents I work with. Photography gift cards make for a very sweet, very useful gift idea for new parents.

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