I photographed this in-home newborn photography session during the peak of the heat dome we experienced this Summer in BC. As we all covered our windows in tin foil, this family welcomed baby Eamon into their lives.

We planned to do his photos a few weeks after he was born so that everyone could adjust to newborn life. When I arrived for their in-home photo session I could already see how much his mom, dad and big brother loved him.

Of course, everyone loves new babies. But watching older siblings get to know them is one of my favourite things. There always seem to be conflicting emotions of overwhelming love with a little bit of reservation. This new sibling is fun, but will they stay forever? Even as an adult, I find big life changes hard sometimes. So I love to watch how the new older sibling navigates the change of a new baby.

Fortunately for Eamon, his older sibling Forrest is a great big brother. For their in-home newborn photography session, we hung out in their living room (near the fan!) and talked about the adventures these two boys would go on.

How lucky are these two boys to have each other to grow up with? I see many mountain adventures in their future.

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