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I’m going to let you in on a secret…

On October 3rd, there is going to be the first-ever mini-session offered by Jena Lee Photographs. These sessions are for Mother’s and their babies with a Breast Or Bottle theme to show an appreciation for all ways of feeding your baby.

What are Breast or Bottle Mini-Sessions?

The Breast or Bottle mini-sessions are designed to create beautiful photographs of you and your child during this intimate chapter of your lives, whether you breastfeed, bottle feed, or both. Jena Lee Photographs wants you to be able to remember your journey and relive your days together with photographs that last a lifetime.

Enjoy a 30-minute photography session with your baby and get an introduction to the excellent client experience at Jena Lee Photographs. Together we will create natural and candid lifestyle photographs of you and your baby and then you will be guided through the process of choosing how to display your photos.

baby, motherhood, golden bc, photography, breastfeeding, family, mother, newborn


What is Jena Lee Photographs all about?

Jena works primarily with newborns and families in Golden BC. She is offering these limited-edition mini-sessions to new mothers to give them an opportunity to experience what Jena Lee Photographs has to offer, while also documenting some of you and your babies sweetest moments together. Jena Lee Photographs is a print-based photography business and takes pride in offering her clients a full experience from capturing your photographs all the way to installing your new artwork in your home. By building long-term relationships with her clients, Jena Lee Photographs is able to customize your experiences and offer you only the very best quality products that suit you and your family.

What is the process?

Each Mom + Baby will have 30 minutes with Jena to create a few beautiful portraits of you feeding your baby in whichever way is normal for you. The session will be located outdoors in a central location. After your portraits have been taken, you will meet Jena again to select your matted print as well as any other display products that you love. Clients always love the products and are happy to have physical photos to hold and enjoy. There are books, albums, folios, and keepsake boxes available with products starting at $300.

How do you sign up?

Jena wants to get to know all of the moms and babies, she will be attending Sounds Like Fun hosted by the Golden CCRR from 10-11:30 Tuesday, September 26th. There are five available seats for these mini-sessions and will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. To secure your spot, a $325 deposit is required. Your deposit includes capturing/enhancing all of your photos, one matted print, and your ordering session to view all available display products. Any additional prints and products are sold separately.

If there are spots available after Tuesday, sign up will be open to the public. So if you want to guarantee your spot, make sure to attend Sounds Like Fun! See you there next week!

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Family Lifestyle Photographer


Jena Lee Photographs is a family lifestyle photographer located in Golden, British-Columbia.  Lifestyle photography is perfect for families who love candid and natural looking photographs and want to document the art of their everyday lives.

Birth  · Baby’s First Year (Maternity/Newborn/6-months/1-year) · Family · Print

I’d love to hear from you, take a look around here or leave a comment below!

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Newborn Family Photographer — Golden, B.C.

family, newborn, baby, mother, father, blanket, candid photography, photographers golden bc, baby photographers, family photographers

Pamela, Cole & Logan

There were several wonderful things about this session and I wish they could all be this soulful and honest.

It was an early smoky morning in Golden B.C. when I showed up to photograph Pamela, Cole, and their six-week old baby, Logan. They are originally from Golden and came home to visit their parents and escape the city for a few days. Pamela and I are old friends since elementary school and it was special to reconnect over a photography session.

baby, motherhood, golden bc, photography, breastfeeding, family, mother, newborn

Pamela and Cole didn’t say if they felt like natural parents, but the way they moved and watched their baby it would seem so. The two of them worked together as a team in a constant sway of snuggling, changing, and feeding little Logan. There were a few moments where the new parents snuck in a quick kiss or hand-hold in between tending to their little one. Everything about Pamela, Cole, and Logan was very real.

newborn baby, photography, outdoor, hammock, photography locations golden bc, parents, baby, forest

newborn baby, photography, outdoor, hammock, photography locations golden bc, parents, baby, forest

There were no apologies for his tears or fussy moments, there didn’t need to be. These are moments that come and go and you never know when the last time you soothe your little baby will be. My heart swells knowing that Logan is going to grow every day and that Pamela and Cole now have their beautiful memories documented forever and ever.

family, newborn, baby, photography, forest, blanket, hug, lifestyle

family, newborn, baby, photography, forest, blanket, hug, lifestyle

For part of their newborn family photography session, Pamela and Cole held their baby in the same spot that they exchanged vows last Summer. I told them to take a moment to really sink into this moment of holding Logan where, only a short time ago, they were committing to becoming a family. The three of them seemed to melt together and hold each other as they thought of where they were at this point in their lives. It might be a year before they come back to this place and Logan will be running around the yard exploring instead of sleeping squished between his parents.

family, newborn, baby, photography, forest, blanket, hug, lifestyle, parenthood, mother, father

family, photography, newborn, golden bc, forest, baby, parents, fatherhood, motherhood, kiss

As I said, it was a session full of honest love. Thank you, Pamela and Cole, for being so open and genuine throughout your newborn family photography session.

Newborn Family Lifestyle Photography is part of Jena Lee Photographs’ Baby’s First Year package. Four photo sessions bundled together to preserve important milestones: Maternity, Newborn (your first 48 hours together), 6-months, and one-year celebration. Choose individual sessions that suit you best or pick all four to preserve your baby’s first year forever.

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I would love to hear from you, leave a comment or hello below!


“We can’t wait to see the photos because we feel like we don’t remember everything…”

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This is something a couple actually said to me earlier this month.

After each photo session, once every photo is enhanced and perfected, I put them all together in a beautiful slideshow to show them to my clients for the first time. It is always an emotional event, full of happy tears and many thanks. Delivering photos is one of the best parts of my job.

A few weeks ago, as I sat down in their home to set up the slideshow, the couple confessed that they were very eager to see the photos because everything went by so quickly that they felt like it didn’t even happen. Obviously, they know it did happen, but the brain can play tricks on you sometimes during a big event and memories can become blurred. It has happened to me before, as I am sure it has happened to you.

“The day just went by so quickly after we spent so long planning for it. It felt like everything was over in an instant.”

Since meeting with this family, other parents have shared this feeling as well. They felt like the day was never going to come and then all of a sudden it was here and gone. Suddenly you have this child you are responsible for and can barely remember them arriving. Photographs are a powerful tool that can ground you and bring you back to an event. It is a very special thing if you have a photograph to help you remember one of your biggest life events.

As they watched their slideshow, there were happy tears and laughs throughout the whole thing. There were many moments of ‘I forgot that even happened’ and ‘I am so glad we can look at this memory forever’. We designed a book for them to relive their special day and show it to their friends, then they picked their favourite image for a large framed print to look at every day.

As a Photographer, I see this happen all the time. I work with couples who are so thankful that somebody pushed them to get photos done, even though they were busy. I work with parents who save up for photos because they know how quickly their baby will grow. Everyone loves to relive their memories and I feel so lucky that it’s my job to help people save them. Once that image gets printed and hung up on the wall, it’s always worth it.

Have you ever been so in the moment for an event that you have a hard time remembering it after? I would love to hear your stories and experiences, please share below!

Family Lifestyle Photographer

Jena Lee Photographs is a family lifestyle photographer located in Golden, British-Columbia.  Lifestyle photography is perfect for families who love candid and natural looking photographs and want to document the art of their everyday lives.

Birth  · Baby’s First Year (Maternity/Newborn/6-months/1-year) · Family · Print


How Printing Photos Makes You Happier — The New Line Of Products at Jena Lee Photographs

How to get the most enjoyment out of your photographs:

1. Take photo
2. Print photo
3. Put on wall
4. Happy


I have only very recently been rescued back into the world of printing photographs.

When I was little, I remember dropping rolls of film off with my mom at Overwaitea and then picking our prints up the next day. That was the normal thing to do. Taking pictures only happened during special occasions — unless your kids got a hold of the camera — and they always got printed because otherwise, you’d never see them.

Then came along the world of digital photography. The excitement of being able to take a photo and view it moments later took the world by storm. Photography was changed forever, in positive and negative ways. We are now free to take as many photographs as we want, but the immediate satisfaction of seeing your photo almost always means that it never makes it out of the camera. Pictures are left on your phone or computer until they are lost or technology changes and they can no longer be recovered.

I think that there is a way to combine the nostalgia and tangibility of the film photography days with the demand for instant and abundance of today’s digital world. All we have to do is remember to print the digital photographs we take. What good is that family photo if nobody ever sees it in the real world? Sure it got lots of likes on social media, but what good are likes if that is the last time you see it?

Something that I take pride in as a photographer is encouraging my clients to display their photos. Their experience with me does not end once they see the digital copies of their photos, my clients get to choose how they want to display their photos from Jena Lee Photographs’ beautiful line of products.


Maybe their session was more personal, and they want to keep their photos more private in a folio that fits on their bedside table. It would certainly make me happy to see a photo of my family before drifting off to sleep. Or maybe they got married in a beautiful mountain scene and they want a giant print on their wall that their friends and family will ooh and awe over.  Perhaps they loved every single photo from their session and chose to put them all in a coffee table book that they browse through when they have an extra five minutes.

Imagine your favourite photo printed, framed, and hung somewhere that you get to see it every day. You get to walk by it all day long and every time you catch a glance of it, it brings you right back to that happy memory.  There is no way you would sit down, plug in a hard drive, dig through computer files, and then browse through digital images in the same way you would if they were printed and sitting on your coffee table, ready to be looked through and held.

So if you want to feel happier, print your photos and hang them up. That is all.




Intimate wedding and family photography for Mother’s and Father’s.

Jena Lee Photographs is the photographer who helps you value the love of your everyday relationships by creating beautiful photography experiences that capture the true story of your life.

For more information please visit the inquire page.

The B.C. Wildfires — Your keepsakes and your photographs

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This week, I can not stop thinking about what I would grab from my home if we were evacuated.

For the first time in 14 years, British Columbia has declared a state of emergency due to the 200+ wildfires across the province. My heart breaks thinking about the families who are forced to leave their homes and who have to decide within minutes what to bring with them. My stomach turns at the thought of having to leave our home.

I am privileged to have never really had to think about where I would go if Golden has to be evacuated. Our sweet little mountain town always seems safe. As I drove through Rogers Pass this weekend, I pictured burning forests and flames rolling over the mountains. I asked my colleague:

“What would you grab if we get evacuated?”

We both had a similar list of things; mine included photo hard drives, photo albums, my cameras, the dog, the cat, my dad’s old sweater. I even thought about bringing all of these things to work with me today, just in case an evacuation was issued and I wasn’t at home (except the cat, he would not have been impressed by this).

These are six out of the hundreds of things in our home, what makes them so meaningful that I would delay leaving a burning area to save them?

Well, the cat and dog are obvious because they are living creatures that I love. My dad’s old sweater is the one thing of his that I kept after he passed away. The hard drives and photo albums are full of memories, frozen moments in time that tell my story here in this life. They are so important that if my hometown, my house, my belongings are all destroyed, I would be thankful to be alive and to have my photos.

The more people I asked, the more it became clear that photographs are one of the first things people think they would grab in an emergency.  Chances are, your list is also very similar to mine: in an emergency, you would grab your keepsakes and your photographs. You would grab the photos that will forever preserve your memories and the people that you love.


Jena Lee Photographs is thinking of the 10 000 residents who have been forced from their homes and everyone who has been affected by the wildfires in British Columbia. I would like to take this opportunity to remember that it is the people around us that are most important in life and am wishing everyone a safe return to their loved ones and homes.

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations. You can text FIRES to 45678 to donate $10 to the Canadian Red Cross BC Fires Appeal.

Lifestyle Family Photography · The LaRoy’s · Tofino, British Columbia

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After our Langara Professional Photography graduation gallery, my family and I traveled to Tofino British Columbia for beaches, surfing, and tacos.

Families are my favourite thing to take photos of, especially my own. It is fun to photograph people you know so well because you can be pretty certain about how they are going to react. With family, everyone knows that just one certain look can invoke anger or laughter.

I tell people all the time that photography helps you feel connected to each other. It sort of helps you rekindle your love and remember all of your favourite things about each other. Spending time in Tofino beachcombing, surfing, and exploring with my family was the best way to reconnect. Watching them all through the lens — and even being on the other side of it a few times — was a special experience. After losing Dad two years ago, we know too well how quickly life changes and we all deeply appreciated getting to spend time together.

Love to my pham xx

Tofino BC, Photographer, Ocean, Pacific Terminus Highway

Tofino BC, Photographer, Family, Ocean, Rocks, Waves

Tofino BC, Photographer, Family, Ocean, Rocks, Waves

Tofino BC, Couple, Photographer, Family, Ocean

Ocean, Tofino, Surfing, British Columbia, Surf Sisters, Black and White, Photographer, Family

Tofino BC, Photographer, Family, Ocean, Surfing, Surf Sisters, Waves


Tofino BC, Tofino Brew Co, Bikes, Beers

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family, Mom

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family

Tofino, Beach, sunset, waves, photographer, family






THE RESULTS · The Golden Give-Away

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the Golden Give-Away and shared their stories – I hope it provided you all with as much happiness and heart-warming as it did for me.

There were so many wonderful entries submitted as part of the Golden Give-Away, I feel very lucky to have had the privilege of reading everyone’s beautiful stories.

Three entries, in particular, stood out from the rest and truly aligned with Jena Lee Photographs’ mission: to help people value the love of their everyday relationships and to make the world a bit kinder by promoting acceptance of all types of relationships.

It is my pleasure to congratulate Jamie Henderson and Debbi Jones on winning the Golden Give-Away and to announce that an additional family photography experience was added to include Alice Phillips as well.

These three hard-working, spirited women shared heartfelt stories as part of their application and are sincerely deserving of the gift of photography. ❤

Lifestyle Newborn Photography · The Grimard’s Tiny Home · Deroche, B.C.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography · The Grimard’s Tiny Home · Deroche, B.C.

When a fellow photographer wants newborn photographs taken in the tiny home her and her husband built, you say yes.

Dori and her family live in the small community of Deroche, British Columbia (I hadn’t heard of it either). This quiet neighborhood is located at the base of the mountains just outside of Abbotsford and Chilliwack and is the perfect place to build a tiny home and raise a family. Dori and her husband Justin embody what it means to live simply and slowly. They enjoy a quiet life spending time with each other, playing music, and planning their future. Justin and Dori explained that they plan to build another home so that they can one day adopt more children. In the meantime, they are living out the dream of having a tiny home. They wanted photographs to tell the story of their life at this point in time: a husband, a wife, a toddler, and now a newborn, all in one tiny home.

Earlier this month, Dori, Justin, and Jaipheth welcomed to the world the newest member of their family: Amaziah. At only a few weeks old, Amaziah already has a calm and observant personality. He seemed content to just be held and seemed peaceful in his mother’s arms. I don’t think he stopped happy baby babbling the whole time. Dori shared with me that she knew right away when her oldest son, Jaipheth, was born that he would be a busy and curious body. She said that she could see her own personality as well as her husband’s expressed in their sons.

It was a beautiful, sunny, early Spring kind of day and it was wonderful getting to know the Grimard’s and experiencing their tiny home. Plus, I will never say no to newborn baby cuddles.

Family Photographer · Golden B.C. · Tub Series

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Erin & Asher

There is so much to say about this family. I know that they have been awake for the past few nights fighting an ongoing battle with their son Asher’s Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) and that they are relieved to have him back home to finally get some sleep. I know that when Asher isn’t sick they live up every day as much as possible by going on bike rides, learning to snowboard, and having silly adventures together. Their house is full of giggles and fun, there is always something creative going on and laughs to be had. #AllRadDays is what they live by.

I also know that Asher is one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I like to brag that he gave me a Valentine this year and a kiss!

The intention of these Tub Series photographs is to capture just that: the sweetness of your children and your special bond during these little years. These experiences give you the opportunity to relax for an hour and enjoy the company of your child. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in your everyday routine and forget to take the time to appreciate the people around you.

And when is the last time you enjoyed a bubble bath?