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Lifestyle Family Photography · The LaRoy’s · Tofino, British Columbia

Families are my favourite thing to take photos of, especially my own. It is fun to photograph people you know well because you can be pretty certain about how they are going to react.

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Lifestyle Family Photographer · Langley B.C.

Before every photography session, I send families a short questionnaire to get a sense of who they are and what is important to them. One of the questions is to describe each member in one word. Amber, mother of three kids and 20 some chickens, simply wrote LOUD.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography · The Grimard’s Tiny Home · Deroche, B.C.

Earlier this month, Dori, Justin, and Jaipheth welcomed to the world the newest member of their family: Amaziah. They wanted photographs to tell the story of their life at this point in time: a husband, a wife, a toddler, and now a newborn, all in one tiny home.

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Family Photographer Golden B.C. · Indoor Lifestyle Series

They told me about how their life has slowed down (in a fantastic way) since the arrival of Micah. They both really value living in a small town and appreciate it's quiet streets and mountain surroundings.

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Family Photographer · Golden B.C. · Tub Series

The intention of these Tub Series photographs is to capture just that: the sweetness of your children and your special bond during these little years. These experiences give you the opportunity to relax for an hour and enjoy the company of your child. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in your everyday routine and forget to take the time to appreciate the people around you.

Indoor Couples Photographer · British Columbia

As I asked them questions and took their photographs, there were no hesitations to share their stories and emotions with each other. Their photography experience was full of laughter, lots of hugs, and dove deep into their relationship. I will let the pictures do the talking now...

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Wedding Photographer Calgary Alberta · Heritage Park · Italian Wedding

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