Sometimes it's hard to find examples of maternity photo ideas are more than a flowy dress in a field. But as a maternity photographer, I have a few different ideas to share with you. If you are considering maternity photography — but want something more personalized to you — here are eight maternity photo ideas that are a little different.

Each person and pregnancy is different. For this reason, I like to encourage people thinking about maternity photos to start taking note of how they spend their time and any rituals that are important to them. Often while we are living in a phase, it can be hard to realize what is special about it. It is not until we are onto the next part of our life that we wish we took the time to document it. What we consider mundane, every day life, is often what we miss the most later on.

Over the next few days or weeks, start to take note about little things that make you happy or that you know you will want to remember. Make a list in your phone so you can share these maternity photo ideas with your photographer later. Using these everyday moments as maternity photo ideas is a great way to create really meaningful portraits. I also brainstormed a few maternity photo ideas that I love to help get you started:


Your typical morning routine

Mornings have a peaceful energy, soft light, and important personal rituals. It seems like everyone has their own personalized routine they go through each morning to start their day. I believe that taking your morning routine and blending it with your maternity photo session is a great idea. Whatever your morning routine is, whether it's a walk around the block or coffee on the couch, it will likely be a great maternity photo idea. Anything that is personalized to you and documents your every day life is a good idea in my world.

Enjoying your favourite lounge spot

Occasionally I hear from parents that they want maternity photos but are not up for anything that takes a lot of effort. If you are feeling too exhausted for maternity photos, it's ok to keep them low-key. Some of my favourite maternity photo sessions to photograph have been very casual. Trust me that there is always something beautiful about this phase of your life, it's just hard to see sometimes. Lounging on the bed or sitting on the deck are great, low-key maternity photo ideas.

Have a bath

Baths are a big part of being pregnant for some people. For a lot of people they offer relief from stretching muscles and achy hips. Since they are a big part of your every day life, maternity photos in the bath could be a really beautiful idea. If you regularly take baths, you can definitely ask your photographer if that is an option for your maternity photos. Here at Jena Lee Photographs I would say definitely yes!

*What do bath time photos look like? You can take a look at a newborn bath time photo session we did for Rocky Mountain Soap Co. here.

Spend the day with your family and kids

Lifestyle maternity photos are all about creating beautiful portraits of you doing regular life things. Once the new baby arrives, the way you spend your time will change. For this reason you might want to consider documenting these moments. These will be the last few weeks of just you before your family grows.

What are some of your favourite ways to spend time with your family right now? Maybe it's going for ice cream together, walking around the block, or a day at the park. All of these are great maternity photo ideas that will be extra meaningful to you. Since they incorporate your every day life into your photos, they will be extra special to look back on one day.


Walking your favourite trail

If you are feeling nervous about being in front of the camera, consider doing an activity for your maternity photos. Having something to do always helps with nerves. Furthermore, focusing on something else helps you relax into your photo session easier. Consider going on a walk around the block or on a favourite trail for your maternity photos. Doing this will give your maternity photos street photography vibes and allow for lots of beautiful moments to happen naturally.

Go out for coffee / treats

Another great maternity photo ideas is to take your family / partner out for some sort of treat. For example you can go for ice cream, donuts, or coffee together. These are all really unique ideas for maternity photos, plus you get a treat out of it!

Certainly our goal is to create maternity photos for you. But who says you can't double-up and make a date out of it? As you already know, your life is about to change so celebrate the end of this phase.

Maternity photo idea: A day at the beach

This one is my favourite idea. Whether it's the middle of Summer and you want to stay cool or it's a story Fall evening with a fire, a day at the beach is the perfect casual maternity photo idea.

Maternity photo idea: Enjoy time on the front porch

This is another great option for those of you who are feeling low-energy and want to stay close to home. Maternity photos on your front porch or in the yard are beautiful. Plus they incorporate your home into them too. Our homes change over the years just like we do, having your house/front porch in your images will also be nice to look back on.


For me, it depends on the time of year and how I am feeling. I also know that my husband doesn't like anything fake/posed, so it would have to be something we are doing anyway.

In the Winter, we can often be found sitting by the fire, painting, or ski-touring [now that I write that, skiing would make pretty cool maternity photos]. Otherwise in the Spring/Summer, I spend a lot of time in our garden and we visit the beach on hot days.

Anything that you enjoy spending time doing, even if it feels small/insignificant, will be a beautiful maternity photo idea since it's so personal to you. You can't go wrong, but if you want help working through ideas or putting together an idea, I would love to help you. Get in touch so we can create maternity photos that are of your real life.

*Another disclaimer: I wrote this post to serve as inspiration for parents who are interested in maternity photos, but want something different/more personal. A lot of parents feel like maternity photos aren't for them — and that is TOTALLY OK. If you don't want to do them, don't! But I want to make sure parents know there are different options for them.


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