Photo of a toddler kissing her mom while sitting on her moms pregnant belly taken by maternity photographer in invermere jena lee photographs

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The Lainchbury Family | Jena Lee Photographs


The Lainchbury’s | Maternity Photographer Invermere | Jena Lee Photographs

I feel lucky to be a maternity photographer in Invermere, it is so beautiful here. With endless mountain views, lakeside beaches and old forests there are no shortage of great spots for maternity photography sessions. For this family’s maternity photos we chose a beautiful little flower field. This was a great spot since the flowers were in bloom, it is easy to get to, and their toddler could be free to explore.

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Maternity Photographer in Invermere

This family wanted to celebrate their last few weeks together as a family of three. They thought it would be nice to document this part of their life with maternity photography. To me the last few weeks before the arrival of your baby are so beautiful. I try to encourage parents to savour the final moments of this chapter that is soon coming to an end. A great way to preserve these memories is with maternity photography.

This family said that they wanted these maternity photos to focus on their first baby, Kenzie. It was important to them that they celebrate and make her feel so loved before the arrival of her sister. Of course there is always enough love for all your children. But it was a nice small way to celebrate their first baby and being a family of three.

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As a maternity photographer, I recognize that you are going through some significant life changes at this time. Your body is tired, your mind busy, but your heart full. I love that this Invermere family took the time to document this with beautiful maternity photos. They will have this life transition preserved forever to look back on at any time.

It’s always so hard to imagine what life will be like once the baby arrives … yet once they do, you can’t remember what life was like without them. Since taking these maternity photos, this family shared with me that their toddler loves looking back on them. I hope that she enjoys looking back on these photos for years and years to come.

Photo of a toddler kissing her mom while sitting on her moms pregnant belly taken by maternity photographer in
Photo of a family of three with both parents holding their toddler between them each kissing her cheek taken by maternity photographer invermere jena lee photographs

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If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Invermere and like the images you see here, I would love to hear from you. My business Jena Lee Photographs is located in Golden BC and I frequently work with families in Invermere / the surrounding areas. My goal as a maternity photographer is to help families document this special time in an authentic and candid way.