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Birth Photography

Each birth story is a once in a lifetime experience for a parent and their arriving child.

My role as your birth photographer is to tactfully document the genuine moments of your birth story, from labour and delivery to your very first moments together.

You will be left with meaningful, honest, and beautiful birth photography that lasts a lifetime.

New parent holds her baby swaddles up in a white blanket moments after birth, this is why hiring a birth photographer is so important

Honest words from a mother:

“I was absolutely one of those people who, before having my baby, thought having a birth photographer in the delivery room would be strange and invasive. In retrospect, and especially after working with Jena for newborn baby photos, I am sad I didn’t have someone professional and thoughtful to help us remember his birth day.

My husband and I regularly reflect on everything we remember, but with all the chaos and exhaustion we know there is plenty we are missing. By the time our child is old enough to understand I know I will have forgotten most of the experience and I wish I had a better way to share with him how exciting his entrance into the world was for us. If I could do it again I would definitely consider birth photography a lot more seriously.”


• Is birth photography available for hospital births only?

Birth photography is inclusive of all types of birth. Whether your plan is to go to the hospital, stay at home, or have a c-section, we can document your birth story.

• How does it work?

As you can imagine, there are some logistics to figure out in order for birth photography to work. The main things to know are that I am on call for you starting at 38 weeks and am ready to arrive at your birth at a moments notice, day or night.

• What will our time together look like?

When labor begins, we have a timeline in place for my arrival based on the pre-discussed birth plan. This allows your partner to be fully present to support you, while I record your birth experience considerately and professionally.

I will capture as much of, or as little of your delivery as you are comfortable with. I stay and photograph for about 1 hour after babe has arrived to preserve those timeless, first interactions between family, babe, and birth team.

• What is your photography style?

For birth photography I take a documentary, hands off approach. You’ll have the much needed space to focus entirely on your birth and the wellbeing of yourself and your child.

Of course, if you want me to be more involved I absolutely will be! But my style is to let you go through your labour and photograph it as it happens, in a beautiful way.

• When should I book you?

Birth photography is demanding work so I only accept a few clients per month. For this reason, advanced booking during the second trimester is recommended.

To complete your booking a $850 retainer and a signed contract is required, then we can get started on chatting about the details!

• Do you offer albums and prints?

You betcha, this is one of my favourite things to help families with. Once your baby arrives, your world shifts and your time becomes more invaluable than ever before. This is why I started helping families print and display the beautiful photos we create together.