Maternity, newborn + baby milestone photography

Maternity, Newborn + Baby Photography

It’s true that the days are long, but the years are short. Especially in the first year with your newborn. The milestones come and go faster than you ever imagined.

My goal as your photographer is to capture you just as you are. Let's artfully photograph the beautiful moments of your everyday life.

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• What kind of photo sessions are available?

Available photo sessions include maternity, birth photography, fresh 48, newborn, milestones [three / six / nine-months-old] and one-year-old birthday.

• How many sessions can I book?

You can book single sessions, all of them, or any combination that speaks to you.

Most families book maternity, fresh 48 / newborn, a milestone, and one-year-old photos.

• What will our time together look like?

I am detail oriented, super organized and like to have everything pre-planned... all so that our time together and photo day can be very laid back.

This means that you can expect lots of communication at first and then smooth sailing for the rest of our time together.

• What is your photography style?

You will find that during a photo session I give you gentle guidance to get started and then am pretty hands off. I will direct you a little bit, keep a casual conversation going, and let your real life moments unfold naturally.

My goal is to photograph you just as you are and to document your real life, candid moments.

• What is the price?

Since everyone wants something a little different, a custom package is created for each family I work with. The overall price depends on a lot of things and we will chat lots about this in detail at your pre-consultation.

To give you an idea though, most families invest upwards of $750 + per session in a variety of albums, wall artwork and digital galleries.

• Do you offer albums and prints?

You betcha, this is one of my favourite things to help families with. Once your baby arrives, your world shifts and your time becomes more invaluable than ever before. This is why I started helping families print and display the beautiful photos we create together.

Let's Do This

Maternity, newborn + milestone baby photography

Let’s photograph your important memories and the milestones that can sometimes be hard to appreciate while you’re living them, so they last a lifetime.