Jena Lee Photographs is a full-service photography studio, which means that there is a beautiful selection of print and display products available for you to choose from. Only the highest-quality professional products are chosen to be part of Jena Lee Photographs line of products so that all you have to worry about is which one you love the most.

You can have your new artwork professionally installed in your home (available in Golden BC area) or have it shipped directly to your home if you are just visiting the area.

Jena Lee Photographs Core Products: Heirloom Albums, Hardcover Linen Coffee Table Books, Signature Wall Art, Artisanal Wooden Memory Box.

Available Add-Ons: Mini Gift Album (identical to larger albums), Boutique Cards (Thank You, Baby Announcement, Holiday), Friends + Family Gift Prints.

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The Leather or Linen Heirloom Album:


This album is incredible. Its heavy weight sits comfortably in your hands while also speaking towards its quality and durability. The Heirloom Album comes with thick sturdy pages that lay flat on the table and are each custom designed by hand.

There are a variety of luxurious linens and leathers to choose from. You can match your home or pick a colour that catches your eye. The leather or linen Heirloom Album is available for all photography sessions and can hold between 20-50 images — that’s enough room to include every image, in case you love them all.

Hardcover Coffee Table Book

The Hardcover Coffee Table Book is just as beautiful as the Heirloom Album but offers a bit more subtlety. It can hold all of your images or maybe just a few that you want to keep for yourself. This book is durable, beautiful, and printed with only the highest-quality artisanal papers that are only available through professional labs, so your images will be elegantly preserved forever.

The Hardcover Coffee Table Book comes in a variety of linen colors, can hold up to 50 images and is available for all photography sessions.

Artisanal Wooden Memory Box

If you want something different from a traditional photo album/book, the Artisanal Wooden Memory Box is for you. This is my personal favourite Core Product because it is handmade, unique, and gives you the ability to hold each individual photo in your hands. There are small boxes to display your entire photo session or large boxes that you can continually add to over the years. Each photo is mounted onto 3mm styrene board so that it stands up on its own in the box, ready for you to look at.

Signature Wall Art 

A classic way to display your absolute favourite portraits. All wall art comes ready to hang and can be framed or float mounted (see picture below). Each piece is built to last for generations and is laminated to protect against dust and fingerprints. You can choose to exhibit large statement pieces or you can create a collage that grows with you and your family over time.

I love the print products! How do I get my own?

Your first step to displaying these gorgeous products in your home is to book your photographs with Jena Lee Photographs. There are Lifestyle Family sessions or Your Baby’s First Year bundles available.

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