Jena Lee Photographs


It all started when my Client's started asking me how to care for their digital images. Or even worse, technology failed them and their photos were lost. Then we all started to realize the value of printed photographs. Having your images physically printed is powerful. They will bring you joy every time you see them.

The Heirloom Album

This truly elegant handmade heirloom is the ultimate in sophistication. Albums are handmade bespoke gems featuring printed vellum overlay, fine art 'giclee' pages, and a matching keepsake album box.

Available in Leather, Velvet, Cotton or Linen covers. Three sizes available plus an identical Mini-Album add-on option.

Wall Art

The best way to display your favourite images is with Wall Art. Your pieces will make you smile and bring you joy every time you walk by. They are built for durability so they can be passed down for generations.

All Wall Art comes on Metal Canvas (pictured above) or in Classic Frames, available in four different sizes.

Grow With Me Collage

One price, any collage. Choose from a variety of groupings and add new pieces over the years with each portrait session. These collages will grow along with you and your family

Grow With Me Collages have a variety of combinations to choose from, all available on Metal Canvas or in Classic Frames.


FOLIOS - Unique table-top of bedside keepsakes for your favourite memories. Available with 2 or 3 matted prints in a variety of covers to choose from.

DESK PRINTS - Classic small prints (8x10" or less) for gifting to friends and family or for filling your current frames. They are even great for the fridge. Available in 10 packs or as single images.

CUSTOM CARDS - Custom designed cards just for your family. Choose from a variety of designs and colours. Come ready to mail with envelopes in packs of 25.

Digital Image Packages

Available to add to your print package for your family archives. The high-resolution files can be shared and printed with no limitations. Digital files are included complimentary with large print purchases or sold separately on a 'sliding scale'. Please inquire for more details. 


“Every morning, we sit at the table and my daughter says ‘there’s grammy, there’s grampy, there’s my sister’ … I never anticipated our collage making such an impression on her. It genuinely makes her happy to see our family on the wall.”

Why Print Your Images?
I found that handing over a pile of digital images was actually doing a disservice to my clients. They did not know what to do with them or how to care for them … or technology failed them and their images were lost. It is important to me that you have images to hold, albums to flip through, and wall art to look at every day. You’re going to smile every time you walk into the room and see your loved ones on the wall. You’re going to pull out the album to show off your portraits to everyone who comes over. Printed images are cherished and enjoyed so much more than looking at digital ones on a screen.