Five Ways To Support Small Business



Five Ways To Support Small Business

Family and baby photographer Jena Lee Photographs shares five ways you can support small business. Whether it’s your favourite coffee shop, your accountant, or a friend, there are always ways to show your support. You can even support small business for free most of the time, here’s how:

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Save, like and share small business’ social media posts

You can support small business by liking, sharing and saving their social media posts. Any engagement with our posts tells the social media algorithms to show it to more people. The more you engage, the more it is shown to other people.

The social media algorithms are set up so that you see relevant, entertaining and important content on your feeds. The more likes, comments and shares a post gets, the more the algorithm shows it to other people. An easy way to support small business is to like their post, leave a genuine comment, share it with friends, or save it. This helps our post and information reach a larger audience.

Tell your friends about your favourite small biz

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If you love something, chances are your friends will too!

When I am on the lookout for something I need or a new product, the first thing I do is ask my friends what they use. Sharing your favourite small business products/services with your friends almost guarantees that they will check them out. A recommendation from a friend is super trustworthy and people who hang out tend to like the same things.

Did you find a great new eye brow stylist? Or an amazing local boutique? Share it with your friends and support small business all at the same time.

Support Small Business and Leave An Online Review

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Online reviews help a business create a reputable and trustworthy reputation on the internet. Leaving a great review also tells search engines that people are interested in the website, so it’s more likely to show it to more people searching!

Some great things to include in your review are:

How did you feel before finding their service/product? How was your experience and how did they handle any of your hesitations? What are a few great things that really stood out to you? What advice would you give to other people searching for this service/product?

*If you don’t know what you write or are short on time, a quick five stars is good too!

Thank You + Praise Go A long Way

It’s always nice to hear that what we’re doing makes a positive impact in your life

We ought to tell the people we appreciate just how much we appreciate them more often! Running a business can be isolating sometimes, there are a lot of tasks that happen behind the scenes that we do on our own.

Making a point to tell your favourite business that you care and are happy they exist is a great way to support them for free.

If You Can, Make A Purchase

Big or small, we appreciate every sale.

When you purchase from a local small business, you are supporting their passion and their hard work. Any time somebody makes a purchase — big or small — we all do a little happy dance, for real.

Artists, freelancers, shop owners, creatives, and boutiques all took a massive risk to go out on their own and start something new. Show them some love when you can by making a purchase so we can keep evolving to bring you great services/products.

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