Your Outdoor Photography Session โ€” How To Prepare

If you have been thinking about an outdoor photography session โ€” perfect for both Family Sessions and as part of Your Baby's First Year Bundles by the way โ€” I have put together a little guide so you can be as prepared as possible:

Happy 1st Birthday, Emma ๐ŸŒป

Jennifer said something along the lines of 'if we rescheduled, it would be something else, and that's our life!'

The Michener Family

The Michener Family Photographs, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden BC, Jena Lee Photographs

Diane, Emma, Molly & Mac โ€” Family Lifestyle Photography

The secret to great family lifestyle photos is to let everyone be themselves. Family dynamics will naturally take over and people will act as they always do. Those are the special moments I watch for: when people are being themselves.

Lifestyle Family Photography ยท The LaRoy’s ยท Tofino, British Columbia

Families are my favourite thing to take photos of, especially my own. It is fun to photograph people you know well because you can be pretty certain about how they are going to react.