So, what is lifestyle newborn photography?

"Lifestyle photography is a genre of photography that mainly aims to capture portraits of people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's lives or to inspire people in different times."

In general, there are two main styles of newborn photography: studio and lifestyle. Lifestyle newborn photography is meant to create photos of your real life and real moments. Whereas studio newborn photos are more posed and formal. Both options are great, but they give very different outcomes. For example, check out Meg Tomlinson's studio newborn photography to get a better sense of what it looks like. Here at Jena Lee Photographs, all of my photography sessions are lifestyle.

Small baby in overalls sitting between his parents on the couch as an example of what is lifestyle newborn photography by jena lee photographs

Five reasons to love lifestyle newborn photography:

First of all, lifestyle newborn photography is great for anyone who feels nervous in front of the camera. In general most people don't know what to do once a camera comes out, and that's ok. Rest assured that even the most camera shy people find that they can settle into their photo session to create really natural portraits. Usually the majority of a lifestyle newborn session is spent staring lovingly at your cute baby, so if you can do that you will be just fine.


Once you welcome a new baby home, your life completely changes. For this reason, my goal is always to keep the photo side of things as easy as possible for you.

Typically, a lifestyle newborn photography session with me has a calm and laid-back feel. Normally, I give you gentle direction about what to do, we move around, we share stories, and play little games... all with the intention of easily creating beautiful candid newborn photos.


If this isn't your first child, lifestyle photos might be a great option for you. Lifestyle newborn photography gives your other kids more freedom to move around. With lifestyle newborn photography, the goal is to capture moments as they unfold naturally. For the most part this means that toddlers and siblings can be free to have their own space, move around, show off their toys or whatever else they are into that day. Since we are working to capture the essence of this part of your life, no stiff or awkward posing is required by you or your kids.


Indoor lifestyle newborn photography is incredible. These indoor sessions are beautiful, comfortable and personal. I particularly love indoor newborn photo sessions because along with our babies, our homes change too. Right now your home might not be perfectly styled or finished, but I encourage you to embrace this part of your life anyway. One day you will want to look back on it on your small children in your first home to see how much you have all grown.

*Indoor photos are also amazing for the cold + wet months

Overall though, outdoor lifestyle newborn photography sessions are the most popular. Especially here in the Rocky Mountains and during the nicer weather months. If you would rather an outdoor session, see if you can think of any meaningful places our routines you want to photograph. For example we can visit your favourite park or walking trail, spend the evening in the sun on your back porch, or even visit grandma and grandpa's house.

Overall, planning your lifestyle newborn photography session at your home or a favourite location is a great way to create extra meaningful portraits.


So often, what often feels mundane at the time is what we miss the most later in life. Of course as a photographer I do my best to document my own life moments as they happen, even if they don't feel significant at the time. For example, I hope my life is full of endless mornings drinking coffee with my husband, naps by the fire with our cat and dog, and many trips to the beach ... but I know that one day I will be onto the next phase of life and miss these memories. I share my own daily memories on my personal Instagram account here if you want to follow along.

When it comes to your own lifestyle newborn photography session, start to think about what little things you will miss? For example maybe it's the weight of them sleeping on your chest, their nightly bath time routine, your feeding routine you worked so hard at, the way they fit in their carrier or on your lap. What do you want to remember about this part of your life?

Overhead photo of a family sitting on the couch together with their dog and small baby during their lifestyle newborn photography session with jena lee photograhps

Lifestyle Newborn Photography with Jena Lee Photographs

If everything you just read sounds incredible and are considering a lifestyle newborn photography session, I would love to hear from you. You can take a look around at other lifestyle photo sessions with past clients or get in touch below.


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