For some parents, it can be helpful to know what to expect from a newborn photography session before committing to one. Getting yourself and your baby ready for a photo session is no small feat.

You might find that each newborn photographer has different expectations. Here are a few things that I let the families I work with know what to expect from their session with me.

Keep Your Newborn Photography Session Simple: Stay Close To Home

Plan for your newborn photography session to be in your home, or nearby. This is a great way to keep it easy on yourself and the baby.

The majority of families I work with do their newborn photography session in their home. Working in your home is a great way to keep things simple for everyone. Anything that makes life easier with a newborn is a good idea in my books.

For an indoor newborn photography session, pick out one or two areas in your home that you enjoy and that have natural light. I tell my clients to lightly declutter and tidy these spaces, but that a deep clean is definitely not necessary.

If you love the idea of an outdoor newborn photography session, that is also allowed. For an outdoor newborn photography session, expect to keep it easy by staying close to home. We can sit in your garden, take a walk around the block, or visit a nearby park. Expect to bring a blanket to sit on, baby essentials such as diapers, and any sentimental items you want to include in your photos.

An overview images of a new mom holding her sleeping baby on her lap and light streaming in through the window, staying indoors is a great idea if you are wondering what to expect for your newborn photography session with jena lee photographs

We Will Do Our Best To Create A Chill Relaxing Environment

Embrace comfy clothes and your new lifestyle to create beautiful lifestyle newborn images.

When I show up to your newborn photography session, it's ok if you want help with a few things. I will happily hold your baby while you finish getting dressed or suggest areas in your home that will work well for photos. If there is anything I can do that will help make your newborn photos easier, please let me know.

Once we start your photos, you can expect gentle guidance from me to get you started. I will let you know where to be and what to do. Usually we keep a casual conversation going and make sure everyone feels relaxed. A big part of my job is to create a space where people feel comfortable to be themselves.

It can be hard but try not to overthink your newborn photos and to simply enjoy the time. The more you can be yourself and do your normal things, the more authentic your photos will be. I tell parents that it's nice to photograph these newborn days just as they are. Embrace the comfy clothes, lounging at home, getting to know each other and feeling a little tired.

If you want, there is always time for a more fancy dressed up photo session later in the year if you book a baby plan.

Expect Lots of Diaper Changes, Baby Naps and Feeds

There is plenty of time for feeds and changes during our session.

For my newborn photography session clients, I let them know there is more than enough time to pause for changes and feeds. Typically, I photograph until I have enough content for your gallery, which is usually 60-90 minutes. However, there is no stress if it takes a little longer or your baby is fussy that day.

If you are wondering what to expect from your newborn photography session, the only guaranteed is the unexpected. Trust that even if you don't feel like yourself yet and your baby isn't napping peacefully the whole time, we will still create beautiful newborn images together.

Your Newborn Is In Charge

Whatever baby needs, baby gets.

We can make all the plans in the world for your newborn photography session, but ultimately it's your baby who is in charge. You can expect your session to follow a flow of feeds, changes, naps, and awake time.

Over the years of being a newborn photographer I have found that a baby led session is the best way to go. Your only job is to take care of your little one as you would normally and I will work in the background to create lifestyle newborn images for you.

When it comes to newborn photography, the goal is not to create a perfectly styled scene. My goal is always to find the beauty in your every day life, even if it feels a little more chaotic now with a newborn. In ten years you will love to look back on photographs of your real life so you can be proud of your accomplishments.


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