What to wear for maternity photos?

If you are wondering what to wear for maternity photos, here are my top tips. As a maternity photographer, I can tell you there are certain colours, fabrics and fits that photograph so beautifully. Having a great maternity outfit can really add a lot to your photo session so it’s important to spend some time planning this.

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Fitted Top + Loose Bottoms

This is my favourite outfit combination for maternity photos. Having a more fitted top gives you shape and a loose flowy bottom gives movement (which looks amazing in photos). This combination can be a dress, sweater and skirt, t-shirt and baggy jeans, etc. As a maternity photographer, I think skirts, dresses and pants that are floor length tend to photograph best.

Solid colours or subtle patterns tend to work well in maternity photos

I would avoid any really small pattern, small stripes or flannel as these tend to be too distracting in photos. But a nice floral or lace pattern will look great. Neutral colours, lighter tones and earth tones all tend to photograph well and look great with the landscape. Don’t be afraid of a little colour such as pink, red, green, yellow, or gold.

Access to The Bump

Consider an outfit that will give us access to photograph your bare bump. Letting some skin show adds a lot of interest and storytelling to your maternity photos. Also, consider bringing something to change into that allows access to your bump such as a button-down, shawl, or just your undies.

Bra + Underwear

As a secondary outfit option, bring a matching underwear set or bathing suit. Stripping down to just a bra and underwear makes for incredible maternity photos. Especially if we are doing an in-home maternity photography session. Select a nice matching set, something lacey, or even go topless for extra intimacy. You can also add a shawl or sweater for more texture and image variety.


Consider adding accessories to your outfit to enhance the overall look. For maternity photos, accessories such as a wide brim mat, shawl, or blanket always uplevel an outfit. Many of my clients bring their ultrasound photos to the maternity session as well and it always turns out so cute.

Any lace, sheer, flowy fabrics

These are going to photograph beauuuuutifullyyyyy!!! Anything that moves, flows, blows in the wind, or catches the light is going to be incredible for maternity photos. Shawls, kimonos, button-down shirts and cardigans all work really well.

Comfortable and Personal Clothing:

Ultimately, choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personal style. When deciding what to wear for your maternity photos, dress up a little more than normal but don’t feel like you have to go all out. Whether it’s an elevated casual outfit, a flowing dress, or a cozy sweater, being comfortable and feeling like yourself is always an important part of creating natural and relaxed photos.


If possible, bring two outfits to your maternity session. Pick something flowy and beautiful for the first one and then something a bit more revealing for the second outfit to show off that bump you worked so hard on! Solid, lighter-toned neutral colours and medium patterns such as floral photographs well. Don’t be afraid of a little colour such as yellow, green, red, or pink earth tones. Elevate your outfit with accessories such as a chunky sweater, button-down shirt or wide-brim hat.

As always, if you book a maternity photo session with me, styling assistance and wardrobe planning are included. A big part of creating natural and candid photos is in the work we do before our session and making sure everyone feels beautiful and comfortable.

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