You might be wondering, why hire a birth photographer? It seems like parents are very interested in it, or very not. To help you decide what is right for you, Jena Lee Photographs shares six surprising reasons you might want to consider a birth photographer.

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Memories Fade Fast, Hiring A Birth Photographer Helps You Remember

While we are living through a phase of life we assume we will remember it forever. The truth is though that we slowly fade into the next chapter and memories fade away without notice. We always think we will remember things until one day we realize we have forgotten most of the details. This is especially true for highly emotion experiences, such as birth.

For example, we knew we wanted a wedding photographer. I assumed that I would remember everything about our wedding day but we also wanted photos to share with family. I hired a photographer without thinking too much about how meaningful the photos would become to me years later.

It has been 1.5 short years since our wedding and I have already forgotten details. I knew that I would enjoy looking back on these photos. But I did not fully, deeply, emotionally understand how important they would become to me. So much has changed in a year already and I am so thankful that we have photos from the day.

The same thing is true for your birth experience. Your baby's birth day is one of the most important days of your life. Of course you think you will remember every detail. So often though, I work with parents who feel like they actually can't quite remember. It is such a whirlwind emotional experience that your memories are clouded. This is one of the biggest reasons so many parents hire a birth photographer.

Hiring A Birth Photographer Let's Your Partner be Fully Present For You

Hiring a birth photographer is a gift for yourself and for your partner. When you hire a birth photographer, you give your partner the gift being able to be fully present for you. You also take the pressure off of them to remember to document the experience. When you hire a birth photographer, you delegate the photos to a professional and let your partner do what they are best at, which is support you.

Birth Photographers are professionals when it comes to bad or dark lighting

The fact that it could be too dark for cell phone photos is reason enough to hire a birth photographer.

More often than not, births happen in the middle of the night in the dark, or under harsh hospital lighting. Dark or harsh light is where phone cameras tend to fail, unfortunately. It would be devastating to discover this during your birth and then be disappointed afterward.

Luckily, birth photographers understand light and have the high-level equipment to handle dark situations. If you go into labour in the middle of the night, you can still expect properly exposed and high quality photographs from your birth photographer.

Birth photographers are also professionals in your birth space

This might be your first birth, but it is not ours.

When you hire a birth photographer, you get somebody who understands how sacred the space is. You don't want just anybody in the room with you. It is important that anyone attending your birth shows up with the right energy.

Birth photographers know how to interact with the doctors and nurses. We know where to be and when. We understand that it's important for us to show up with the appropriate mindset and energy for your space. If you hire a birth photographer, you are hiring someone who is a professional with their camera, and in the birth space.

Professional + Artistic Photos That Will Last Forever

A great reason to hire a birth photographer is so that you are guaranteed to have high-quality and artistic images forever.

Hiring a birth photographer means that you have somebody who is thinking about everything you need to help you remember the day. Somebody who is documenting the reactions/emotions in the room. Somebody who guarantees to deliver a beautiful gallery of images to you. A birth photographer is there to document all of the beautiful moments you might miss but will want to see later.

Birth Photography Is The Best Postpartum Gift

Exactly like getting your wedding photos back, if you know what I mean.

Another personal example is that after our wedding was over and my new husband went back to work ... I was super bummed out. This happens to me often after exciting events. I know that I typically get pretty sad when everything is over and how to take care of myself. But looking forward to getting our wedding photos back sure helped me. It was incredible to receive a beautiful gallery full of photos of such a special day.

There are many occasions you might want to look back on your birth photography gallery. Like during a long sleepless night or their first day of Kindergarten when you wonder where your baby went. One day they will be old enough to ask about their entrance into your world and you can share the story with them, with photos. Sometimes parents even go through their birth photography gallery with their doctor / midwife.

Hiring A Birth photographer: My Guarantee

If you are still on the fence or unsure about hiring a birth photographer, that is ok! It is growing in popularity, but birth photography is an intimate experience and can be hard to picture for yourself.

Our very first step together is always to meet in person. This is important so that we know we are comfortable with each other and on the same page. From there, if you still aren't sure about hiring a birth photographer, know that I have a guarantee. If you hire me as your birth photographer and you truly are unhappy with your images, you will get a full credit towards newborn / baby photography, or a full refund.

So far though, everybody who was unsure about birth photography always ends up being so happy and thankful they did it. Ask around in your friend group to see how they felt about hiring a birth photographer. Or get in touch so I can answer your questions for you!


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