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Jena Lee Photographs is a family lifestyle photographer located in Golden, British-Columbia.  Lifestyle photography is perfect for families who love candid and natural looking photographs and want to document the art of their everyday lives.


About Jena

Jena LaRoy completed her Professional Photography Diploma at Langara Collge (Vancouver B.C., 2017) and launched her business in her hometown, Golden B.C. (2017). When she is not photographing, she can be found raising her pigs, baking sourdoughs, or downhill skiing/biking.

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The motivation behind Jena Lee Photographs:

An ode to my Father, who passed away suddenly in 2015 and is dearly missed.

Words from Jena:

“I think most photography is motivated by family. Friends are always sharing the pictures they took on their phone of their children accomplishing various life milestones. My Auntie shared a picture of the garden created in memory of her daughter. My other friend is sharing vintage film pictures in memory of her Mother who lost the battle against cancer.

People take pictures of what they love, and what they love is their family. Myself included. I’m so thankful to have family photos because mine was changed profoundly two years ago when my dad passed away suddenly from genetic heart disease.

Losing a family member changes life in ways you don’t understand until you lose a family member. You realize the fragility of the life around you and you hold people a little bit closer than before. In a terrible way, loss makes you more empathetic, more rich, and more full of love. In a huge way, it makes me a better photographer.

My Dad is the motivation behind every snap I take. When I work with families, I try to pull out as much emotion as possible from them to create the very best photographs as possible for them. I know that one day these photos are where they will turn to relive their time together. I know that one day their family will change too and they will be so thankful to have these photos, just like I am.

So that’s where  Jena Lee Photographs’ intention comes from. I know how quickly life can change and that photographs are one of the only things that will last forever. I want everyone to have that.”

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My family, 2017. Missing Dad every day but knowing that life is good.